Assignment 1: Prenatal Environmental Factors

  The overviews discussed the accessible problems that can action afterwards conception. Abounding altered toxins, illnesses, and adventures can abuse a developing fetus. Teratogens are anything—drugs, alcohol, viruses, pollutants, malnutrition, stress, and more—that can access the accident of prenatal abnormalities, and abounding teratogens are avoidable. Unfortunately, some teratogens abnormally appulse the development of the academician and may aftereffect in absorption deficits, hyperactivity, acquirements disabilities, and alternative affection that are embodied during aboriginal adorning stages. In this module, you abstruse about the acceleration with which the academician develops from apperception until the aboriginal two years and you became accustomed with ecology and behavioral factors that can abnormally appulse a developing fetus. Next, you will assay a abrupt case abstraction and altercate the appulse of behavioral and ecology influences on advantageous development. Additionally, you will abode how your claimed angle may or may not appulse your assignment with this client. Case Study: You are alive in a accumulation home ambience with 17-year-old Nora, from a lower socioeconomic cachet (SES), who is abundant for the aboriginal time. She mentions to you that a few cigarettes actuality and there and an casual bottle of wine won't abuse the baby. She shares that her mother smoked and drank while abundant with her, and she said, "Look, I angry out fine." Utilizing the argument and advance lectures, accommodate Nora with some research-based affidavit for not smoker or bubbler during pregnancy. Tasks: In a minimum of 200 words, column to the Altercation Area your responses to the following: As a brainy bloom analyst alive in a accumulation home, how ability you acknowledge to Nora's comments? What assets ability you action that may advice brainwash her about prenatal development? Discuss some prenatal ecology factors (teratogens) that can accommodation after bookish achievement and amusing adjustment. From your claimed perspective, how abundant is the charge for prenatal apprenticeship in your community? Search online for prenatal apprenticeship programs accessible in your community. Support your responses and assay by application at atomic two assets from able literature. Able abstract may accommodate the Argosy University online library resources; accordant textbooks; peer-reviewed account articles; and websites created by able organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites catastrophe in .edu or .gov). Be abiding to apprehend all of your adolescent classmates' aboriginal posts and acknowledge to at atomic two of them. Your altercation posts and all accounting assignments should reflect alum akin autograph abilities and adapted use of APA style, including in-text citations and references.

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