Assignment 1: First Paper

  Due Week 5 and account 100 points Choose ONE (1) of the categories listed beneath to focus on for this First Cardboard assignment. For your affair you charge authenticate ability of the agreement and concepts of Affiliate 1 and absorb them into your paper. Write a cardboard in which you analyze and adverse two (2) above Eastern religions (Hinduism; Buddhism; Taoism; Confucianism; Shinto) Begin your activity with a bright and focused apriorism statement. Abode the origins, region, capital leaders, the accurate teachings/philosophies, rituals, scriptures, holidays/holy days, and appulse of the religions. Use the categories and agreement from affiliate 1 in your descriptions of the religions. Write a cardboard in which you affection a chat amid Confucius and The Buddha. Begin your activity with a bright and focused apriorism statement. Abode these points: origin/birth; what led to their ethical system; what is their ethical system; what was the acknowledgment to their new concepts. Analyze and adverse their teachings/philosophies. Use the agreement and concepts from Affiliate 1 to brighten your dialogue. Write a cardboard presenting a beheld abode on two (2) Eastern religions sites adjacent (an another for those in rural places would be to do an Internet chase of two (2) religious locations). Begin your activity with a bright and focused apriorism statement. Look at architecture, autogenous space, etc. Include visuals to allegorize your points. How do these reflect the definitions and agreement of Affiliate 1, and what we accept abstruse about these religions? Conduct an all-encompassing account with a being who practices Eastern religions and abode a cardboard presenting the after-effects of this interview. Begin your activity with a bright and focused apriorism statement. Use these questions in your interview: How did you become associated with this religion? What is it about this adoration that intrigues you? Is it difficult to convenance your faith? What readings/scriptures do you use? What are some rituals you perform? What angelic days/holidays do you keep? What would you like your neighbors/colleagues to apperceive about your faith? Use the definitions and categories of adoration from Affiliate 1 to adviser the interview. Write a cardboard that explores Aboriginal religions. After an addition with a bright and focused apriorism statement, set up a three-columned chart: one cavalcade for the basal elements of religion; one for Aboriginal religions, and one for the Eastern adoration of your best (there are at atomic three that accept Aboriginal components/roots). Choose what you accept are at atomic the bristles (5) basal elements of a religion, again see if they are in Aboriginal religions and an Eastern religion. Summarize your after-effects in a absolute branch and abode these questions: Based on the agreement and definitions of Affiliate 1, are aboriginal religions absolutely religions? Application the advice from Affiliate 2, did you acquisition any aboriginal religious elements in Eastern religions? Write a cardboard that explores adoration in the news. Acquisition an all-encompassing account adventure on one Eastern adoration or Aboriginal religion. Begin your activity with a clear, focused apriorism statement. Application 5 (five) agreement and concepts from Affiliate 1 and pertinent capacity from Fisher, adapt that adventure for bodies at a ancestors acquisition by answer how it relates to the basal credo of that acceptance tradition. Write a two to three (2-3) folio cardboard in which you: Use at atomic three (3) affection assets as references for the appointment and certificate your sources application SWS Style for in-text citations and references. Note: Wikipedia and agnate websites do not authorize as affection resources. Write acutely and coherently application actual grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.

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