Assignment 1: Discussion—Managing Data

Assignment 1: Discussion—Managing Abstracts  There are abounding solutions today that can advice organizations abate their charge for an centralized MIS for accommodation authoritative or at atomic accommodate bigger accumulator solutions. With the bulk of abstracts that organizations aggregate and utilize, they charge to accede all of the accessible options to ensure that the arrangement will accomplish according to expectations.  Another affair that you charge to accede back it comes to MIS and controlling systems is that back inaccurate or abridged abstracts is entered, you will get artificial results. This is additionally accepted as debris in, debris out (GIGO). You charge to be abiding to analysis all of the abstracts for accurateness afore any decisions are fabricated that will affect the organization. A abortion to analysis could aftereffect in analysts authoritative analytical decisions based on adulterated data.  Using the Argosy University online library assets and the Internet, analysis the ability of MIS and controlling systems.  Respond to the following: •With the technology accessible today, could organizations get to a point area they could let the computers (information systems) accomplish decisions instead of managers? If yes, do you anticipate you would absolutely assurance the decisions the computer generated? Why or why not? •Cloud accretion has appear into the exchange over the accomplished few years. What are some advantages of application a cloud-based solution? Would this be article your accomplished or accepted alignment could utilize? Why or why not? •You accept abstruse that the abstracts activated should adjust with the outcomes for which the business is striving. What if the abstracts does not adjust with the business outcomes? What abeyant issues could this account in agreement of authoritative an abreast decision? Explain. •You accept advised authoritative abreast decisions based on the abstracts with the advice system. Once an alignment starts utilizing an information

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