Assignment 1: Case Study Analysis and Discussion

Assignment 1: Case Abstraction Analysis and Discussion  The case abstraction is provided to you (an acting consultant) in bristles parts, as follows:   Part 1 is a contextual description of the aggregation and how it carries out its business.  Part 2 is a letter from a Mr. James Baker, a ancient agent of Metro Services.  Part 3 is a abridgment of the attempt and the business conditions.  Part 4 is a abridgment of the spokesperson's role and agenda; some of the problems are added defined.  Part 5 contains the after-effects of a ten-item analysis that was accustomed to the employees, with the items and after-effects shown.  You accept been asked (retained) by Metro's administration to abstraction the bristles absolute abstracts and identify:   The positives (for resolution) and negatives (for resolution) in favor of the administration accumulation and in favor of the agent group Points of altercation accompanying to the positives and negatives. Any of these credibility can chronicle to or actualize battle conditions A time-phased action to abode the battle and recommendations for change and resolution

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