Assignment #1: Best Practices

January 4, 2013 BUS 5668: Cases in Applied Activity Administration Appointment #1: Best Practices From 1940 to present, Activity Administration has continuously avant-garde from band managers application a baby set of processes that were advised nice to accept to the academic appointment of one alone assigned as the Activity Administrator that activated a academic alignment by which to administer the project. Often the appellation “best practices” is referenced aural a authentic methodology. Why charge an alignment abduction best practices? What are the free factors in base-lining a best practice? Can an alignment accept too abounding best practices? What are the impacts of establishing too abounding best practices that allowable by chief administration for use on all projects? Provide one archetype of a Activity Administration best practice. (Video Lecture 2 and absolute research) What are Best Practices? According to the Business Dictionary, And According to the Business Dictionary, “A Best Convenance is a adjustment or address that has consistently apparent after-effects aloft to those accomplished with alternative means, and that is acclimated as a criterion (Business Dictionary). ” Organizations that accept had connected success accept acclimatized a different adaptation of the best convenance adjustment that accommodates what they do. Many organizations use best practices to do the afterward (but not bound to): • Develop an compassionate of the all-important requirements • Focusing on how to bear the account / abide to bear the account • Advance the acumen of the customer(s) • Eliminate careless spending/investments • Increase abundance and agent assurance • Advance Risk Administration Application the best practices listed aloft forth with alternative best practices the alignment account necessary, organizations can actualize a baseline to board their organizations. A Base-line is authentic as the accepted adaptation of a activity plan that guides activity achievement and adjoin which the activity administrator compares absolute activity performance. (Portny, el. ) Back an alignment is creating or acceptable a base-line, the alignment has to booty into application the following: • How will the best convenance account the alignment • Who will the best convenance accept the best appulse on (customer, organization, stakeholders, etc. ) • What is the acknowledgment on investments for the alignment by implementing the best practices. Although best practices is the ideal adjustment to use back operating an organization, not application the best practices adjustment as it is meant to be acclimated is aloof as bad as not accepting a action in abode to run the organization. Time and time again, abounding organizations lose armpit of what best practices absolutely are because they set too abounding goals as best practices. As a result, the alignment fails to advance and accumulate up with competitors due to accident afterimage because they accept so abounding best practices they are aggravating to focus on. The abstraction abaft the best ractices is to ensure the alignment is operating on one accordance throughout the organization. By implementing too abounding best practices may aftereffect in the chaos aural the organization. Everyone would not be on one accordance which can advance to miscommunication and every administration accomplishing what they see fit. Accepting too abounding best practices is aloof as bad as not accepting any at all. By implementing too abounding best practices, the alignment accept a college anticipation to declining due to no astute befalling of implementing all of the best practices. And the best practices implemented will not be accomplish 100% due to abridgement of assets because assets are advance attenuate due to the ample bulk of best practices. Also, every best convenance may not be acceptable for every administration aural the organization. By implementing best practices that will not be benign to administration will become a waist of resources, spending, and as a aftereffect the activity has a aerial anticipation of failing. An archetype of a Activity Administration best convenance would be the accomplishing of ITIL aural the NASA organization. ITIL provides a practical, common framework for identifying, planning, carrying and acknowledging IT casework to the business. The NASA Shared Casework Center (NSSC) is ITIL aligned. As a affiliate of the NASA Shared Casework Center, I had the befalling to assignment on the accomplishing of the Enterprise Account Desk (ESD). The ESD offers 24x7 abstruse abutment to the absolute NASA Agency. This administration was stood up on the bounds of alms the best IT abutment at the everyman cost. The NSSC has been application this best convenance back it’s start-up. I for one accept the ITIL best convenance has brought abundant success to the NSSC. References: Last, F. M. (Year Published) Book. City, State: Publisher. Portny, Stanley E. (2008) Activity Management: Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling Projects. New Jersey John wWley & Sons No author. (n. d. ) Business Dictionary. Retrieved on 01/09/2012. Retrieved from http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/best-practice. html#ixzz2HuDx20hu No author. (05. 10. 2012) ITIL. Retrieved on 01/09/2012. Retrieved from http://www. itil-officialsite. com/AboutITIL/WhatisITIL. aspx

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