Assignment 1 Applying Theory: Environmental Issues

Your ambition for this appointment is to administer an ethical approach to a real-world situation.  You will appraise an ecology affair and administer one of the ethical theories to it to accept how animal interactions with accustomed ambiance accession ethical concerns.  You will do this by advancing and announcement a PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 12 slides with a abstracted area beneath anniversary accelerate for notes. Choose one of the afterward capacity or issues, and rad about it at teh adumbrated place: Environmental amends and ecology racism(Read Ecology Amends for All) Environmental harm, like abuse of air and water(Read Chapter 8 in the textbook). Waste abridgement (Read Chapter 8 in the textbook) Select one philosphical  theory (ie, ultilitarianism, deonotolgy, or advantage ethics). Accede the afterward questions selected: What does the approach tells us about how things achieve in the absolute world? What is the focus of the theory?  That is, what aspects of accustomed life(or what questions) does the approach address? The focus helps you anticipate about the contemporary boundaries of the theory.  This advance is about belief and amusing responsibility, so you should apply on the ethical and moral aspect of both the approach and affair you are analyzing.  Address alone ethical issues. How does the approach abridge circuitous issues to achieve them added understandable?  Another way to anticipate about this is to accede the concepts that achieve up the theory.  Identify the concepts and how they are accompanying to anniversary other. Develop one apriorism catechism that applies your abstract approach to ecology issue.  You will abode this catechism by developing an altercation that links the approach to the affair (through your addendum and pictures), so achieve abiding your chat your catechism anxiously to achieve this task.  Indicate this apriorism catechism on your additional accelerate (the one afterwards the appellation slide). Next, advance an ethical altercation that addresses your question.  Use the text/and or alternative bookish sources to abutment your position. Build your altercation by autograph nine bright sentences.  Each Book should achieve one important point about the ethical aspects of the ecology affair you are allegory and should be placed on anniversary slide. Make abiding your presentation focuses on ethical arguments and avoids claimed opinion, arguments based on politics, economics, religion, or capacity alternative than ethics. Next acquisition a photo or angel to allegorize anniversary slide, and column it on the accelerate aloft the sentence.  Only use photos that are accessible domain.Also achieve abiding you adduce the antecedent from which you retrieved your photos or images anon beneath the photo on anniversary slide. The ability point should abide of 12 slides.  There should be one one accelerate for the appellation page, one accelerate for your apriorism question, nine slides for your arguments and addendum and one accelerate for your references.  Use a  total of 3 bookish references.  The appointment charge be submitted as a ability point presentation.  

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