Assignment 1

Critiquing Adolescent Development Research Choose three accessories from any peer-reviewed account or account on one of the afterward topics: The bearing action and cultural differences Advantages and disadvantages of cesarean commitment to accustomed childbirth Maternal mortality  The furnishings of society, culture, and the individual  Adjusting to parenthood for mothers and fathers Post-partum depression Prenatal affliction and education The furnishings of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine on prenatal development The accent of diet for the fetus during prenatal development Low bearing weight babies, the causes and effects The furnishings of ecology hazards on the developing fetus Using the questions listed as follows, address a appraisal of the accessories from the angle of a scientist gluttonous the truth. This cardboard should be 4 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font and in APA Format. To accept acclaim for your assignment amuse accommodate a advertence folio in APA architecture for the three accessories you begin and any added sources you acclimated to address this paper.  Summary of the topic: Provide a abrupt overview of the affair you chose. Why is it an important affair and how is it accordant to adolescent development? For some topics, it would be accessible to accommodate your clairvoyant with prevalence and accident rates. Does the severity of affair alter abject on gender, race/ethnicity, and age? Critique of anniversary commodity (make abiding you absolutely explain your answers): Who is the admirers for the commodity (e.g., researchers, doctors, parents, teachers, adolescents)? What was the specific affair of the article? (For example, an commodity may be about “Maternal Morality,” but are the authors discussing pre- or post- partum issues? Are they analysis differences in socioeconomic cachet or indigenous differences? What are some examples of advice provided?  Does the commodity accent ancestry (nature) or ambiance (nurture)? To which area of adolescent development does it accredit (physical, socioemotional, cognitive)? Does the commodity await on accurate findings, able opinion, or case example? Do the abstracts of the commodity assume valid? In a absolute paragraph(s), accord your claimed appraisal of what was covered in the commodity and whether it advances our ability and compassionate of adolescent development.

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