Assignment 1

  Assignment: The Intersections of Life: Advancing of Age Experiencing the alteration from adolescence to adulthood, or coming of age, is a animal universal. How these rites of access happen, however, varies broadly from ability to culture. The ceremonies advertise civic ethics through anxiously preserved, allusive symbols. Similarly, advancing of age rituals back the responsibilities of the developed alone in a accurate association or ability and mark the alpha of the abutting date of life. This Assignment provides an befalling to analysis advancing of age adventures from several altered cultures. You are additionally encouraged to analysis added examples of the alteration to adolescence to bigger accept the ethics inherent in the rituals and what that agency to the culture. Increasing the compassionate of cultural ethics about the apple will bigger adapt you to auspiciously acquaint with individuals in those cultures. To adapt for your Assignment: Review Chapter 2 of your advance text. Consider the armament that actualize cultural differences. Why are some things admired in one ability and not in another? Listen to the media examples and analysis a array of the advancing of age belief in your Learning Resources, and agenda the similarities and differences in how assorted cultures mark adulthood. Select one of the media examples or belief that resonated with you. Reflect on your claimed acquaintance of transitioning to adulthood. Submit a 2- folio cardboard including the following: A abrupt adventure of your claimed advancing of age acquaintance and how ability was transmitted to you. A abrupt account of what the acquaintance meant to you. A abrupt account of the acquaintance in the media or adventure from advancing of age belief that resonated with you. A abrupt description of how the media archetype or adventure is a absorption of cultural norms. A abrupt absorption on how actuality apparent to the cultural adventures of others helps you access your intercultural competence.

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