assignment 1

ASSIGNMENT #1 Students will watch Part I of the contempo PBS College Behind Bars affairs (click either hyperlink below) OR COLLEGE BEHIND BARS Part 1: 'No One Ever Taught Me Any of That.' Adventure 1 57m 53s Incarcerated men and women in New York State are accepted to the Bard Bastille Initiative (BPI), one of the most accurate academy programs in America. As they activate their studies at Eastern and Taconic Correctional facilities, they ascertain that they will be captivated to the aforementioned aerial standards as Bard Academy acceptance on the main campus in Annandale-on-Hudson. And address up a minimum two-page (400-500 words a archetypal page) Reaction Paper to the adventure commenting on the some of the developed acceptance profiled in the aboriginal adventure and rather than altercate the abstraction of taxpayer-funded bastille academy education, instead altercate the assorted barriers that the acceptance and their academy advisers accept to affected in this rather different “educational” setting.  Worth 15 points

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