Asset and debt management class

As a accounts agent in a municipality, you accept been abreast that a  separate $85 actor alimony armamentarium for the municipality’s firefighters  will be carved out of the municipality’s alimony fund. The anew formed  Firefighter’s Alimony Investment Board is absorbed in advance up  to $25 actor of alimony assets in asset-backed balance to complete  in 10 years so that they can be disbursed to a armamentarium for acquittal to  retired firefighters. Your assignment is to accomplish a presentation of 600–800  words to the board answer the altered types of ABS for the  committee's consideration. The presentation charge accommodate the following: A altercation of at atomic 3 important types of ABS, including MBS   Two specific, real-world examples of asset-backed balance  with adapted maturities and how they analyze to a Treasury aegis  of the aforementioned ability in agreement of the advance over the Treasury crop   A altercation of the third accident that exists for MBS investors in  addition to the acclaim and absorption amount risks faced by all  bondholders, as able-bodied as which affectionate of MBS would be the best adapted  for the alimony armamentarium accustomed its 10-year border for disbursing funds   At atomic 2 alfresco sources 

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