Assessment Project

   Assessment Project A Program Development activity will accommodate an befalling to use activated analysis alignment to abbey ministry. Each apprentice will conduct a absolute appraisal of a church’s admiral to couples and/or families. You are to analyze and call a accepted admiral to couples occurring aural a admiral context. Examples of ministries could include: A lay counseling admiral to couples. A parenting chic offered in a Sunday academy curriculum. A conjugal baby accumulation advised to abutment conjugal strength. An anniversary weekend retreat for couples. A pastoral advisor who sees couples as allotment of the abbey counseling ministry. The cardboard should be about 4-6 pages and abode the afterward questions? The afterward outline is to serve as the base for this project: 1. Give a description of the admiral to couples or families. 2. Who is the ministry/service advised or created to serve? Who provides administration to the admiral and what is their training? 3. What issues are addressed? 4. What are the banned that this admiral does not address, and to whom are couples/families referred if a admiral is not applicable? 5. How would you advance the admiral you accept described? 6. Please accommodate applicative descriptors, appear abstracts or class if available.

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