Assessment of Developmental Stages of a Child

The acceptation of milestones Milestones are usually aggregate calm in bristles above areas which are to be adjourned during the advance and development of a child. They are: accurate growth, cerebral development, accent development, and acoustic and motor development. The appraisal of the accurate development of a adolescent is actual important during the advance and development of a adolescent from boyhood to boyhood and additionally the after years, it helps in that it allows the parents of the adolescent as able-bodied as bloom affliction workers to see if there are any abnormalities in the adolescent during this aeon of time. The appraisal of the cerebral development of the adolescent is additionally actual important in adjustment to ascertain if the adolescent has any difficulties in learning, acquisitive and compassionate concepts such as dyslexia. Amusing and affecting development should additionally be adjourned in adjustment to see how able-bodied the adolescent can collaborate with aeon and alternative bodies in adjustment to actuate if the adolescent has or will accept a anxiety in the after years of his or her development. The abstraction was conducted in the attendance of a nine year old adolescent breadth in all the afterward areas of development were empiric accurate development, cerebral development, and amusing and affecting development. The acumen why this specific age was called was because it would accept provided added befalling for the researcher to beam and appraise the altered areas of development awfully and on a added scale. Letters were beatific to the parents of the adolescent answer the acumen of the analysis and the altered areas that were actuality observed. The researcher presented herself in a bashful way so that the adolescent would feel a faculty of abundance while beneath observation. The abstraction was conducted over a four day aeon breadth the afterward allegation were observed. Day One On day one the breadth of focus was accurate development. The biographer started out by assessing Amanda (not her absolute name) who is nine years old, she weighs ninety pounds and measures 4feet 9inches. Actuality that she is nine years old, she has anesthetized the some of her milestones which includes sitting up and rolling over. The researcher additionally asked the parents of the adolescent alternative questions such as; at what age did she alpha creeping? At what age did she alpha creeping? At what age she began sitting up on her own? Among a host of alternative questions pertaining to her advance and development physically. This was to acquisition out if the adolescent had any accurate disabilities during her beforehand stages of growing and developing. The biographer added went on to investigate how abundant the adolescent could chase instructions. As a aftereffect the adolescent was again asked to get dressed both formally and informally. The instructions were followed accordingly. She was able to dress herself properly; this accustomed the researcher to see how able-bodied the adolescent can chase instructions back given. She is able to understand, assay and chase the admonition back given. After attractive at how the adolescent followed instructions in commendations to accepting dressed, the researcher went on to beam how the adolescent manipulated objects. This was done by agreement the adolescent in an breadth breadth altered types of altar were present. She was able to differentiate amid shapes and the altar that were present. Jigsaw puzzles were solved, shapes were accustomed and the adolescent was able to analyze alternative altar in and about the comedy area. This adumbrated that the adolescent while at comedy displayed abundant acoustic motor abilities and can use them effectively; she additionally seems to be able-bodied active and has a abundant faculty of amusement she additionally seems to accord with altered types of situations how they care to be dealt with. Day Two On day two the researcher’s capital breadth of focus was on cerebral development, this breadth of focus is mainly affiliated to Piaget’s approach of cerebral development. Jean Piaget’s approach of cerebral development focuses on four stages. They are: acoustic motor, pre operations, accurate operations and academic operations. Piaget empiric that cerebral development refers to changes that action in an individual’s cerebral structure, adeptness to action from adolescence to adulthood. Piaget went on to accompaniment that at this date (concrete operations 7-11), the adolescent should be able to; anticipate effectively, break problems calmly and actualize logics based on his or her cerebral experiences. The adolescent empiric was able to accept discussions on a added analytic base and gave absolute responses. The adolescent was able to sit with the researcher and accept discussions about her activity as a little girl. She was asked altered questions such as; what she would like to become in the future? How big would she like her abode to be? What blazon of car would she like to own? Among others, she gave absolute responses and seems to be able-bodied able for her future. She gave acknowledgment such as; “I would like to become a doctor and accept my own business active altered from my career such as a cool bazaar or a toy abundance for little kids, I would additionally like to own a three adventure abode with two Toyota motor cartage and my abode is activity to be amidst by some big pit balderdash dogs and will be beneath twenty four hour aegis protection”. The researcher acclaimed how able the adolescent was able to use the English language. She speaks the English Accent calmly for a adolescent her age. Many factors admitting is said to accept contributed to this as the mother recalls that during her pregnancy, she apprehend a lot. The adolescent is provided with the able printed assets and apprenticeship friendly. The adolescent is additionally provided with amateur that will enhance her anamnesis she has both printed and electronically absorbed amateur to enhance her memory. This blazon of ambiance enables her to accretion the ability and all-important abilities appropriate to be able to: 1) acumen effectively, 2) break problems effectively, 3)explore the environment. 4) accept a acceptable memory. The adolescent was consistently adapted whenever she makes a mistake. Hence, the adolescent has a abounding advantage of how to allege English accent as to Creole which is ascendant in her community. In Piaget’s approach of cerebral development the adolescent has anesthetized the aboriginal two stages which are acoustic motor (stage one) and pre operations (stage two). The adolescent is anon at the accurate operations which she is about completed all the activities that are to be done at this date effectively. Day Three and Four The breadth of focus on canicule three and four were amusing and affecting development. Social and affecting development is a actual important aspect of development in a child’s life. It is commonly harder to define than alternative signs of development such as accurate development. This breadth emphasizes abounding abilities that access self-awareness and self-regulation The researcher empiric the adolescent while she was interacting with some of her accompany that came over to her house, back this was the best acceptable to the researcher as able-bodied as to the child. Based on the observations the adolescent seems to accept announced able-bodied and had no adversity responding and interacting with her peers. At comedy the adolescent seemed to be enthused and played able-bodied with her friends. She seemed to be the baton of aggregate they did in their associate accumulation and was consistently quick to actual her accompany whenever any of them fabricated any mistakes. This is a bright adumbration that Amanda has no difficulties back interacting with her peers, and additionally assume to accept amusement during alternation with others. During meal time, the researcher had the befalling to sit with the ancestors for a few account to beam Amanda at meal time. She seems to accept acceptable etiquettes and knows how to conduct herself back she is about the table and was acclimation her abate sister back she did not accommodate to the table rules. She was additionally administration with her parents what her abecedary accomplished her at academy about do’s and don’ts while sitting about the table at meal time. She was able to action the knife and angle appropriately and she was enthused in administration some of the ancestors traditions and norms that were anesthetized bottomward to her by her ancestors with the researcher she additionally gave her appearance point on them back asked. She seems to accept acceptable communicating abilities and enjoys alternation with her peers, ancestors and additionally with others. Back interacting with her acquaintance she explained to them that she does not like to be shouted at additionally whenever her mother talks to her in a asperous address he goes to sit by herself and appears to be sad. Whenever her ancestor comes in from assignment she commonly runs to him and gives him a big hug. This shows that the adolescent is emotionally absorbed to her parents.

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