Assessment 2 Case Study: Age 2-5 years old

   Assignment 2: Create and assay a apish case abstraction of a adolescent with adorning challenges, age-old 2–5 years old.Create a 5–7-page action plan based on evidence-based strategies that accept accurate able in agnate cases and accomplish projections of accessible abiding impacts that accepted challenges may aftermath beyond the individual's lifespan. Social Behavior Consider the afterward questions: · What is the accord amid parenting practices and the socialization of a adolescent in his or her aboriginal years? · How does a child's attitude access ancestor effectiveness? · What are some means of application conduct to abutment a child's development? · What are some differences in conduct amid cultural groups? What questions abide to be answered about the accord amid ability and antidotal style? · What admonition would you accord to parents who appetite to advance pro-social behavior in their children? · What admonition would you accord to parents and educators to anticipate or abode children's alienated behavior? · How do accent and annual development associate with socioeconomic status? Cognitive Development Consider the afterward questions: · How does the cerebral development of an 8-year-old compares and contrasts to that of a being about to alum from college, because the accord of axle to cerebral development? · How has technology impacted cerebral development in average childhood? What applied admonition should allowance professionals accord to parents who appetite to assure their accouchement from harm, but additionally accommodate them with the advantages of technology? · What is the role of egocentrism in cerebral activity and in amusing alternate activity for elementary school-aged children? · What are some of the factors influencing social-emotional development of elementary school-aged children? · What are some best practices which abutment a child's learning? it should describe: The      child's strengths and challenges. The      medical, family, and amusing context. The      developmental challenges axiomatic in the behavior of the child. Individual      and cultural factors that approach and/or analysis announce could appulse the      child's development. Any      other factors you annual adapted based on your compassionate of the      theory and accompanying research. To advance this case, you should: Explore      theory and analysis accompanying to aboriginal adolescence development in the      cognitive domain. Use      either Piaget or Vygotsky to call those age- or stage-related      milestones accepted at the age of your called child. Develop      your case by creating a claiming for the adolescent in the cerebral area in      early childhood. Call what the adolescent struggles with in not affair the      expected abstract milestones in the cerebral domain. Explore,      through approach and research, Bronfenbrenner's ecological approach of the      various systems that can access development. Call the archetypal      influences in those systems that would acceptable be best axiomatic for a adolescent      in the preschool years. Develop      your case abstraction added by creating an ecology ambience for the adolescent      in specific systems in Bronfenbrenner's theory. Include any specific      issues that you appetite to analyze through research, such as influences of a      specific ability or ethnicity, specific socioeconomic status, ancestors      structure, adapter issues, and adjacency context. Maintain      a ability annual of the abstracts you consulted to anatomy your case. Follow accepted APA guidelines for appearance and formatting, as able-bodied as for citation your resources. Include a advertence annual of the bookish assets you use. Part 2: Case Action Analysis: Aboriginal Childhood Research Complete the following: Research      evidence-based interventions that accept been able in affair the      challenges of the adolescent you declared in your case study, from the      perspective of your own able specialization (as far as possible).  Explain       how the deficits in the cerebral and alternative adorning domains affect       development in aboriginal childhood. Explain       how the ecology contexts appulse development and functioning. State       the recommended interventions that adjust with your specialization. Include       evidence for those outcomes from the able literature. Explore      briefly the abstract on cerebral development over time, because      that aboriginal influences can appulse development beyond the lifespan.  Explain,       from the angle of your specialization, how the aboriginal cerebral       challenges could be embodied beyond the lifespan. Explain       how (or whether) this ability advice in compassionate and free an       approach to alive with an alone who had aboriginal cerebral       challenges. Structure of the Report Use the afterward architecture to anatomy your report: Title      page.  A       descriptive appellation of 5–15 words that concisely communicates the purpose       of your address and includes the name of the fabulous subject. Be abiding to       follow Capella's adapted architecture for appellation pages on advance papers. Introduction.       An       overview of the cardboard contents, including a abrupt arbitrary (approximately       half a page) of the accomplishments advice apropos the case study. (The       complete 1–2-page case you developed will be included as an appendix.) Body      of the report.  The       presenting challenges and primary issues. An       analysis of how lifespan development approach and analysis may annual for       the presenting cerebral challenges. Highlight why the adolescent is       developing as described. A       description of your called adolescent with absorption to age-expected       outcomes in cerebral development, as able-bodied as specific challenges the       child has in not affair those milestones. A       description of the factors in the child's ambiance affiliated to       Bronfenbrenner's approach that accept an appulse on his or her all-embracing development. An       assessment of the abeyant appulse of alone and cultural differences       on development for the accepted age and ambience declared in the case       study. Evidence-based       interventions that accept been able in affair the declared       challenges of your called child, from the angle of your own       professional specialization. An       explanation of how the deficits in the cerebral area or ecology       contexts appulse activity in alternative domains, such as amusing or affecting       development (considering that in developing your case, the       theoretical accent was on the cerebral domain). Recommended       interventions that adjust with your specialization. Include affirmation for       those outcomes from the able literature. Projections,       based on analysis and/or theory, of accessible abiding impacts that the       current challenges may aftermath beyond the individual's lifespan. Conclusion.       A       summary of what was alien in the anatomy of the cardboard with account to       the case abstraction context, challenges, and interventions. Reference      page.  A       minimum of bristles bookish sources from accepted peer-reviewed journals,       formatted in accepted APA style. Other Requirements Your cardboard should accommodated the afterward requirements: Written communication: Write coherently to abutment axial ideas, in adapted APA format, and with actual grammar, usage, and mechanics. Length of paper: 5–7 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the appellation page, references page, or case abstraction appendix. References: At atomic bristles bookish assets (peer-reviewed journals). APA format: Follow accepted APA guidelines for appearance and formatting, as able-bodied as for citation your assets in the anatomy of your cardboard and in alphabetical adjustment on the references page. Font and chantry size: Times New Roman, 12 points.    id="path38

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