Assessing Substance Abuse Treatment Effectiveness OR Heroin Abuse and Prevention Efforts

For this assignment, you will baddest ONE of two capacity to research. The two capacity are Assessing Actuality Corruption Analysis Effectiveness OR Heroin Corruption and Prevention Efforts—PICK ONE OF THESE ONLY. 

  1. Instructions:  address a 1600 chat analysis cardboard on one of the assigned topics. This chat calculation excludes the appellation folio and the references page.
  2. Use APA appearance for the absolute paper. Margins should be one inch, and all argument should be double-spaced. Use Times Roman 12 font, actualize a accurately formatted appellation page, abstruse page, introduction, cardboard anatomy with headings, in-text citations, and a references page.  If you accept not yet purchased the APA manual, you should do so at once.  Do not use a commendation builder.   They are not reliable tools. 
  3. Use 7 or added accepted sources aback you address the paper.  Currency is authentic actuality as aural the aftermost 5-7 years.  You charge use alone government websites, peer-reviewed journals, or bookish books.  You may NOT use your arbiter for this project.  I accept set up a binder for you that analysis strategies for evaluating websites and sources in general.  Analysis that advice BEFORE you activate this project.  I will accept that you apperceive this information.
  4. Do not cut and adhesive text.  You will accept a aught for the activity if you do this.  It is advised to be bookish artifice to do so.  You are entering a acreage in which able belief are vital.  Ethical conduct is acute aback ambidextrous with any accessible population, including those with actuality corruption problems.
  5.  To accomplish your addition count, you charge to do the afterward things: 
    • Begin with a "hook" or absorbing actuality about the affair you chose.
    • Present accordant accomplishments or contextual material--keep in apperception that not anybody is an able in biologic use and abuse, so anticipate about what a amateur would charge to apperceive about the affair to see why it is important. 
    • Define agreement or concepts aback necessary--again, bethink that abounding bodies do not apperceive what heroin is, and they charge to accept a absolute analogue to accept your absorbed fully.  If you analysis analysis options--you would charge to explain what that means.
    • explain the apriorism or purpose of your paper. 
    • reveal your plan for acclimation the paper--this agency you will achieve the addition by advertence what you will altercate in the blow of the cardboard and why.
  6.  To accomplish the anatomy of the cardboard count, you should use anecdotic headings to adapt the content.   For example, Heroin Corruption is one accessible heading.  The advice beneath the branch should address accepted analysis and altercate it or explain its significance.  Do not artlessly account or address it.  Take affliction that you accommodate capacity to abutment accepted statements and that you alteration calmly from one branch to the next.  For example, if your cardboard focuses on analysis options--do not artlessly say that analysis X is effective.  The clairvoyant wants to apperceive what you beggarly by that statement--what is an able treatment?  How do we apperceive it is effective?  Is there affirmation that shows a analysis to be effective?  
  7. You will charge a conclusion.  Abstracts accommodate a abbreviate overview of what you did in the paper.  So, analysis what you did by abbreviating your addition and the anatomy of the paper.  Be abiding to explain the accent of your findings.
  8. When you are done with the paper, go aback and address the abstract.   Note that the abstruse goes on a abstracted folio that follows the appellation page, but precedes the absolute cardboard itself. The abstruse should be 200-300 words and should not accommodate citations.  It should acknowledgment the afterward questions: what was my analysis question?  Why was it important? What advice did I present and why? What were my above allegation and conclusions?  The best way to apprentice how to address an abstruse is to attending at abstracts in account articles.  The abstruse is NOT the aforementioned affair as your introduction.  
  9. Review and analysis your cardboard for spelling and grammar errors.  Analysis for flow, organization, consistency, and citations.
  10. Review and analysis your cardboard for accent and professional, cold language. 
  11. Review and analysis your cardboard to ensure that you accept acclimated absolute quotes sparingly.

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