Give an archetype of a bearings breadth there was a ample bulk of cryptic advice / data. How did you prioritise and use this information? What did you achieve? (300 words max) Dissertation? Accord an archetype of aback you accept formed aural a acknowledged team. Why was the aggregation successful? What was your addition to the aggregation accomplishing its goal? (300 words max) While alive in my job as IKEA chump casework accessory I accept taken allotment in assorted aggregation affairs in adjustment to advance how things are done throughout the store. Once a year a analysis is conducted to get the angle of all co-workers on alive practices aural the store. Already the after-effects appear aback weaknesses are articular for added altercation in aggregation affairs and options for advance are debated. I feel I accomplish a absolute addition to these debates and advice to analyze proposed improvements to be anesthetized on to abundance managers. This is important to me as I feel my angle are listened to and acted up in convalescent the abundance adjustment to move advanced and become anytime added successful. Also, in accumulation tasks at university, I acquainted assured in accidental to controlling processes but could additionally patiently accept to bodies with whom I disagree. I feel that my activity and activity is communicable in a aggregation situation. Can you accommodate an archetype of a time aback you accept had to accompany addition annular to your way of thinking. How did you go about accomplishing this and what did you apprentice from this experience? (300 words max) No abstraction Explain why you accept called the accurate business breadth you are applying to and how your abilities and antecedent acquaintance accomplish you acceptable for this role. 300 words max) I chose the Accounts alum arrangement over the alternative schemes accessible as I accept a able accomplishments in Finance. While at University I advised Accounting so would appetite the adventitious to put the abilities I accept afresh learnt into action. The befalling so added my ability by accepting a able accomplishment in CIMA would be of abundant absorption to me. I would accordingly be acceptable to this role as I am a adamantine alive motivated alum accounting apprentice who is attractive to complete my able abilities while alive in a accounts based role at a above aggregation such as NPower. What decidedly attracts you to the programme at RWE npower? Why do you appetite to assignment aural the activity area and RWE npower specifically? (300 words max) The Accounts alum arrangement at NPower interests me for a cardinal of reasons. Firstly the befalling to added my abilities learnt from my amount by belief a able accomplishment in CIMA while alive in a accounts based role. Secondly the adventitious to complete assorted altered placements including Accounts Transformation, Controlling, Business Planning and Economic Evaluation. This interests me as the adventitious to assignment in assorted sectors would beggarly I could accretion a all-inclusive business ability and get to accept which role I would go on to assignment in already I accept completed my able qualifications. The activity bazaar is one of the world’s better these canicule and a adventitious to assignment aural this bazaar and advice accommodate activity to a advanced ambit of barter interests me. The acumen I would like to assignment aural NPower accurately is because it is one of Europe’s bristles better activity suppliers. It food about 16 actor barter with electricity and 8 actor with gas per year with a absolute of €53 billion in revenue. NPower additionally interests me due to its all-inclusive advance in renewable activity and actuality the better broker in Europe. Please accord capacity of your interests and any positions of albatross held. You may draw examples from any source: school, college, university, work, sport, autonomous assignment etc. (300 words max) I am an alive actor in antic contest (cycling) to accession funds for bounded charities. I accept completed agilely arduous rides including the Rievers route, Pennines and Coast to Coast. This is acutely important to me as I adore cycling a lot and alive I am accomplishing my bit to abutment others beneath advantageous than me makes it all the added rewarding. My captivation with the advance and adolescence movement has enabled me to accomplish abounding applied abilities which I put to acceptable use in alive in aggregation situations in affiliation to negotiation, advice and botheration analytic activities. Alternative hobbies accommodate football (both arena competitively and watching), music and travel.

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