ASAP- 3 paragraphs Affirmative Action

  Affirmative Action  is a arguable affair in American society. People of all races, genders, and classes are disconnected on area they  stand on Affirmative Action. However,  the media has oversimplified Affirmative Action and abounding do not absolutely  understand the action and what it agency for schools and employers. For this assignment, you will appraise  Executive Order 10925 and actuate area you angle on this topic.  A archetype can be begin at: Then, address an organized abbreviate acknowledgment (3  paragraphs) area you explain:  What is Affirmative Action       as a amusing policy?  What were the goals of       Affirmative Action? Has it been  successful? What are the basal       arguments for Affirmative Action and what are those adjoin it?Which ancillary do you acquisition the best       convincing and why?Be abiding to abutment your acknowledgment with references to the textbook,  appropriate alfresco resources, and your own claimed experiences.Create  a acknowledgment in 3 paragraphs . Cite sources and accommodate  references in your response.

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