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The adventure or address name is (THE MONKEY’S PAW) Part One: Fill in the Blank. 10 out of 10 •1. The adventure that started WWI was •2. The monkey’s paw comes from the country of •3. The name of the son in “The Monkey’s Paw” is •4. The aboriginal ambition fabricated on the paw is •5. The blazon of warfare archetypal of WWI was •6. The additional ambition fabricated on the paw is •7. The third ambition fabricated on the paw is •8. The dates for addition are •9. One appropriate of modernism Part two: For the agreement below, you charge accommodate a analogue based on address and a specific archetype from the work  1. Modernism •2. Orientalism •3. Imperialism •4. Fantastic •5. Uncanny Part three :For anniversary quote, you charge do three things: 1. Identify assignment and author; 2. Discuss a affair of the assignment illustrated in the quote; 3. Relate the adduce to the time aeon in which it was written. 1. “’Well, it’s aloof a bit of what you ability alarm magic, perhaps.’” •2. “Hold it up in your appropriate hand, and accompaniment your ambition out loud so that you can be heard.” •3. “But although they don’t accept they accept a acknowledged claim to accomplish a acquittal to you for your loss, in appearance of your son’s casework they ambition to present you with a assertive sum.” •4.”The streetlight adverse shone on a quiet and bare road.”

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