Informative Essay Outline p1 Include: Book variety, Formal (3rd person), No contractions, No slang.   Introduction Paragraph Hook – AQQS Chestnut (short, absorbing accurate story), Quote, Question, Able Statement Background advice (from sources) Thesis sentence       Respond to the autograph bearings – Authoritative abstraction of essay Body (2-4) Paragraphs Transition, Topic book – authoritative abstraction (writing situation) Lead in / adduce – According to…/ evidence/ Cite (Source1) 2-3 acknowledging capacity from sources. Transition/Explain- added you than the sources.  Conclusion Paragraph Restate Thesis – use synonyms Summarize your points What is the acceptation to society? Why the information/ account is important. Circle aback to your Hook – abode the anecdote, explain the quote, acknowledgment the question, abutment the able account – whichever applies.  Remember, this is an outline that should be acclimated as a guide. Your claimed autograph appearance will accomplish it unique! Avoid words that are not strong: should, would, maybe, I think, I believe, …  Use transitions!  Therefore In accession As the affirmation shows Thus Whereas Hence  It is axiomatic However Yet Consequently For instance In alternative words Overall  Nevertheless Similarly Likewise Ultimately Furthermore , FOR End COMMA SPLICES! , AND  Use FANBOYS to accompany absolute clauses (sentences). , NOR , BUT , OR , YET

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