ARTICLE REVIEW ASSIGNMENT (Critical Core Initiative: Signature Assignment)  An commodity analysis is an appointment that shows that you can apprehend a cerebral commodity and adapt its strengths and weaknesses. You charge appearance that you are accustomed with analysis designs, can adapt data, and appraise the article. It should accommodate a BRIEF arbitrary of the commodity and your reaction/evaluation.  Note: Please acknowledge to anniversary of the branch numbered 1 thru 9. Use branch for anniversary number. (9 Sub-headings) Part A.  Summary (20 pts) 1) Summarize the commodity in your own words. (in no added than a abrupt paragraph). Be abiding to call the analysis architecture (Experiment or Correlation?) and accord the pertinent and important information.   Part B:  Reaction (70 points- 10 each) 2) * If an beginning design, analyze the absolute variable, abased variable, beginning group, and ascendancy group * If a correlational design, was there a positive, negative, or aught correlation?  3) Major strengths of the article/research design 4) Major weaknesses of the article/research design  5)  Was this an ethical abstraction and why/why not?  6)  Was the actor sample of able size, composition, etc.?  7)  Any bent (researcher or participant)?  8) How could this experiment/study accept been improved? What added studies could appear from it?   Part C: Your Voice (10 points) 9) This is an breezy branch answer any problems you may accept encountered with the assignment, and administration article that you abstruse from it. You may additionally accommodate any explanations that you anticipate I charge apropos your work. Due: 7 am Eastern Time - Friday December 8, 2017 Article Title:  Characteristics of Adults With Serious Mental Illness in the United States Household Population in 2007 Link for Article

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