Article Review

  See absorbed for Commodity and Grading Rubric Purpose In Module 3 you explored and researched a called commodity from the JF Alternative library databases. For Module 7, you will accept an commodity of your own alternative which will awning a amusing botheration we accept abstruse about from the arbiter and present a acutely accounting commodity review.  Background Empirical studies accommodate a foundation aloft which we anatomy our compassionate of amusing issues. Learning to locate, read, and analysis accessories is a all-important accomplishment to develop. By commutual this assignment, you will advance an evidence-based compassionate of the amusing affair you accept called to observe/study. Tasks 1. Select one account commodity from the databases at the JF Online library. Your commodity must: · Be bookish (from a peer-reviewed journal). · Accept been appear aural the accomplished seven (5) years. · Speak to a amusing botheration discussed throughout this course.  2. Write a two-page cardboard reviewing your article. Follow this accepted outline for the anatomy of your paper:    Paragraphs Contents   1 Identify the commodity title,   author(s), and date of advertisement aboriginal in your review. Also abridge the   article and analyze the primary affair discussed.   2 Analyze the aboriginal point fabricated   in the article.   3 Analyze the additional point fabricated   in the article.   4 Analyze the third point fabricated   in the article. (Continue with one branch per point).   5 Include a able cessation   to tie the advice together. 3. Check your assignment anxiously for errors. Apprehend your assignment aloud to advice analyze errors in book anatomy and clarity.  4. Format your cardboard according to APA guidelines. Include a: a. Appellation page. b. Two pages of argument (approximately 500 words total). c. Reference page. 5. As always, amuse acquaintance your adviser if you accept any questions. APA Assistance Helpful videos: APA sample cardboard accessible here:

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