Article Review #1- Business Statistics

Instructions: This appointment is for you to apprentice how statistics is a allotment of every acreage in business and additionally a acute allotment of our society. This commodity can be from any antecedent but you charge accommodate the commodity articulation so I may apprehend the aboriginal article. Ideally, you will accept accessories that are accompanying to your above or an breadth of absorption to you. I accept had acceptance analysis accessories on sports, health, amusing media, parenting, marketing, economy, and the account goes on.  Make abiding you CITE your commodity in the accepted APA 6th copy format.  **Three paragraphs: I am assured about 1-2 pages, APA 6th copy format, 12 pt. Times New Roman, bifold spaced, accommodate a REFERENCE or WORKS CITED area at the end of your review. 1P) Arbitrary of article 2P) Arbitrary the statistics used 3P) Did the statistics abutment their argument? (1) Attach your arbitrary as a Word Document or PDF file. Make abiding to abridge the statistics. (2) Attach your commodity as a Word Document or PDF file. OR Accommodate the articulation to the commodity in the appointment window. attached is an EXAMPLE my adviser attached 

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