Article Presentations-essay

   All accounting assignment should be presented in a able appearance and chase basal attempt of able accounting communication. In accession the afterward architecture requirements are mandatory: Double-spaced 1-inch margins 12 pt. Times New Roman Font APA appearance standards (without      the use of abstracts for this course) Free from grammatical and/or      typographical errors Demonstrated graduate-level      critical thinking, reflection, amalgam and assay skills All accounting assignment submitted will be graded on      both agreement and content. All assignment charge be developed utilizing MS Word. You may not abide any assignment from accession      course.  Failure to use APA citations and references      will aftereffect in a zero    APA architecture and commendation is a must. Chase formatting as is accounting beforehand in the abridgement (times new roman chantry of 12, bifold space, one inch margins, awning folio & advertence page). The assay should be accounting afterward your absolute account of the corresponding article(s) and should accommodate the afterward components: Ø Essential agreeable from the accessories actinic into a arbitrary of what the author(s) had to say about the topic.  Ø A altercation of how the advice in the accessories agreeable is advantageous in able development or career planning. Feel chargeless to use “I” statements in this section. Ø Your reflections on the agreeable in the accessories from your own claimed and able experience. You may use “I” in this section.  Ø Address these essays as if your clairvoyant has never apprehend the accessories and is not a affiliate of our class. Present this commodity as if you were appointment it to a able or barter account administration the advice your garnered from your sources and amalgam your own experiences.  *Essay architecture to include: Intro paragraph, anatomy of the work, and a conclusion. Essays should be 3-4 pages (no more, no less), not including awning folio and advertence page. Article Presentations Students will construct, bear and blur a presentation utilizing ability point (or accession such product). All presentations will be 5-10 account in length. Accessories will be called on the aboriginal night of chic from the account provided below. In accession to presenting the article, acceptance will address an commodity about it (see area above) and abide it above-mentioned to the alpha of class. 

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