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    UNIV 104 commodity appraisal Assignment    Doing   research is not for the aside of heart. It takes accurate anticipation and   planning, diligence, and a detective’s mindset. Carefully analysis Chapter 8 in   your arbiter afore starting this assignment. Locate > appraise > use This appointment will adviser you through the accomplish of analysis a aboveboard antecedent for a affair for a pretend paper. You will acquisition an article, appraise the article, and authenticate that you can appropriately adduce your article. You MUST use the Jerry Falwell Library for your research. Also, be abiding to watch the videos that are chip throughout the appointment as they will accommodate you with admired information. All chicken boxes charge be addressed, and don’t balloon to assurance your name at the basal of the assignment. STEP 1: Preparing to Search Topic Selection    Mark your affair another with an “X” ☐Time Management  ☐Learning Preferences  ☐Adult Learning Theory ☐Academic Integrity  Finding your Focus It is important to ascertain your affair by free your focus and selecting keywords to advice attenuated your search. Otherwise, you will end up with millions of accessible articles.    What specific aspect of this affair are you absorbed in researching?  Ex.:  The affair of bookish candor can be narrowed   to alienated plagiarism, candor in the online classroom, or bluff sites. What are you acquisitive to acquisition apropos    your topic?   Determining   Keywords - VIDEO TUTORIAL    List the three keywords or phrases that aboriginal appear to apperception to use as   search terms. Hint: The accepted term/phrase listed aloft should be included as one of   your bristles keywords  List the keywords or phrases, afar by    commas.    List four another synonyms or altered phrases that you ability additionally use in   your search.   Consider application a album or award keywords / phrases from the after-effects   of your antecedent searches List    synonyms or added phrasing, afresh afar by commas.  STEP 2: Analysis a Source Now that you accept focused your affair and bent your accessible chase terms, it is time to locate and appraise an commodity for your pretend analysis paper. Don’t balloon to use the Jerry Falwell Library.    Using the Library Databases - VIDEO TUTORIAL    Find a Database to use · If you are accustomed with the databases, accept one that is specific to   your topic.  · If you are alien with the   databases, try application a accepted one like Bookish   Search Complete or ProQuest Central Enter name of database acclimated here    Select one of your keywords and run a basic search.   How abounding sources did your antecedent chase return?  Enter the cardinal of after-effects here         STOP! Did you acquisition bags or millions of results? Even if your chase alone alternate a brace thousand or a few hundred, that is too abounding to attending through. You charge appointment to attenuated after-effects to focus on the specific aspect of your topic. Your commodity charge be accordant to your SPECIFIC topic; you don’t appetite aloof ANY commodity that mentions your ample topic.    Narrowing and Application Filters - VIDEO TUTORIAL     Each database offers assorted filters, usually on the larboard ancillary of the   screen.  Adjust the date options to the   last bristles years and analysis the box that allotment full-text articles. Be abiding to   set your chase ambit to attending for peer-reviewed accessories only, not   e-books, newspapers, or videos. List all    filters and ambit that you acclimated in your search   Try out some Boolean Operators or Wildcards.  Hint - acquisition chase tips   here. Describe    the accoutrement that you acclimated to absolute your results    It is usually all-important to adapt chase terms. Try out a few altered   ones to see which is best able and relevant.  List your best able chase agreement here    Continue to echo your search, adjusting your chase terms, tools, and   parameters until you get a acquiescent cardinal of results. How abounding after-effects did you accept in your final, best narrowed search? Enter the    number of after-effects from your FINAL search   ~ Accept one relevant,   focused commodity  to use in your pretend   paper~       What is the   title of your article? Article    Name    What is the   name of the account in which your commodity was   published? Publication Name   Paste the   permalink for this commodity in the box. Use this tutorial if you are   unsure how to locate or actualize the permalink: Enter    the permalink here.   How does this   article chronicle to your specific topic? Accommodate details. Article’s    relation to the all-embracing topic         Step 3: Evaluating the Article     Evaluating Sources -VIDEO TUTORIAL  Currency    In what year was your commodity published? Enter Year here Is this a accepted article? ☐ Yes ☐ No   Why is it important that your antecedent was appear aural the aftermost 5 years? Importance apropos article’s advertisement date  Author’s Credibility    Who is/are the author(s)? Author(s)    How is/are the author(s) able to abode this   article? You may charge to conduct a Google chase to acquisition out added about your author(s). Attending   at experience, education, etc. Author’s or authors’ qualifications Peer Review    What is peer-review and why is it important? Define associate    review and explain its importance    Is your commodity peer-reviewed?  How do you know? ☐ Yes ☐ No Explain your     response  Style     Does the commodity accommodate references to another   publications? If so, how many?  This advice is generally accessible on the commodity   information page. ☐ Yes ☐ No Enter # here  Is this a bookish commodity or a accepted article? ☐ Bookish (journals,   technical publication, etc.) ☐ Accepted (magazine,   trade journal, etc.)   Is the accent abstruse and abounding of abracadabra or added   general in nature? Accommodate an archetype (direct quote). ☐ Abstruse ☐ Accepted   Provide a absolute adduce from the    article proving its abstruse or accepted style    Objectivity    Do(es) the author(s) affectation any bias?  ☐ Yes ☐ No Explain    your response.     Do(es) the author(s) abode another viewpoints? ☐ Yes ☐ No Explain your response.   Is the commodity cold or subjective? Explain    your response.  Summative Evaluation    Based on the answers above, would this be advised   a credible, bookish antecedent that could appointment for your pretend paper? Why or why not? ☐ Yes ☐ No Explain why this commodity would    or would not appointment for your pretend paper. Using the Article    Avoiding appropriation involves alive how to appropriately adduce any antecedent   information that is acclimated central your paper. Actuality is one of the best websites   for APA formatting:  Purdue OWL     In-Text Citation    Two things to know: 1. A arresting byword is all-important to analyze amid the writer’s thoughts   and those of a antecedent (utilized for absolute quote, summary, or paraphrase).   APA arresting phrases use author’s aftermost name(s), the year of publication, and   past-tense verbs that should fit the ambience of the paper. Examples include: A. As Smith (2004)   concluded,  B. Johnson and Wales (2011)   also asserted that C. According to Stevens (2014),  2. APA requires that a folio cardinal be provided for all anon quoted   material. It belongs in departure afterwards the quoted actual but afore the   period. Examples include: A. (p. 171). B. (Smith, 2004, p. 171). SAMPLE APA in-text use with arresting   phrase, commendation and catastrophe citation: Miars and Ford (2012)   argued that “time administration is one of the key foundations apropos apprentice   success” (p. 24).   Select a specific commendation from your called   article and appearance how you would accommodate the adduce into your cardboard application a arresting phrase, able punctuation, and APA in-text citation. Create a arresting phrase, appropriately    write a absolute quote, and end with an catastrophe citation.       Reference Entry   In accession to appropriately commendation sources aural the paper, you charge additionally appropriately adduce the antecedent on the   Reference Folio so others can affirm your research. The advertence access   contains advertisement advice for the absolute commodity as able-bodied as a DOI   (digital commodity identifier), permalink or database name to analyze the   retrieval source. à SAMPLE APA advertence commendation with   DOI: Sagarin, B. J., & Lawler-Sagarin, K. A. (2005). Critically evaluating   competing theories: An exercise based on the Kitty Genovese murder. Teaching of Psychology, 32(3),   167–169. s15328023top3203_8 à SAMPLE APA advertence commendation after   DOI: Reitzes, D. C., & Mutran, E. J. (2004). The alteration to retirement:   Stages and factors that access retirement adjustment. International Account of Aging and Human Development, 59(1),   63-84. Retrieved from Bookish Chase   Complete   Create an APA advertence access for your called article. Note: Abounding databases accept a “cite”   function that will accord you a acceptable alpha to your entry, but be abiding to   double-check the capacity with able APA formatting. Additional advice   regarding APA citations can be begin application the links at Purdue OWL:   Create    the commendation for this commodity application able APA formatting The aloft appointment was completed by the being whose name appears below: ☐ Yes ☐ No Name: Access Your Name  Here.   Date:  Click or tap to access a date. Submit this appointment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.

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