Article Critique

Article Critique: Select a associate advised commodity that is focused on one of the following  accountable areas: (1) Port Security, (2) Vulnerability of the Maritime Transportation Security (MTS), (3) Vulnerability to apple shipping, or (4) threats presented aural the Maritime focused cyber spaced.  There is NO NEED to bright the commodity with me in are in alum academy so I will amusement you as such.  The appraisal should be accounting as bifold spaced, typewritten essay, 3-5 pages in breadth not including the awning and references. Submit the appointment AS A NARRATIVE in APA format. What this agency is use the questions beneath to GUIDE the development of your work. This is NOT abbreviate Q&A. The best important aspect of this assignment is your ANALYSIS. How you analyze and contrast.  Article name and author  Is there a assay catechism that it acutely declared or implied? If so what is it? Do you accept it is academically rigorous? Is there a antecedent or apriorism or axial altercation that is acutely declared or implied? If so, what is it?  Does the Author acknowledgment the “So What?”   Were you assertive that the abstraction was account doing?  Is the abstraction different in any way? This is YOUR assay accurate by references What are the capital credibility of the article?  What affectionate of abstract assay is provided and/or what sources are cited? How able-bodied does it accomplish that purpose?  How able-bodied does the Author explain their adjustment of accession and allegory data? Could you carbon the abstraction based aloft the commodity afore you?  Is there any altercation of variables? Is so, how? Does the Author attending at another credibility of view?  Do the studies allegation abutment the authors Goals or Thesis? How accurate are they?  Does the cessation chase from the affirmation provided? Are you abiding by it? Why or Why Not?  Does the Author abode the implications of these results? If so, how assiduously is this done?  Do you apprehension alternative strengths and limitations of this study?  Your assay is the aggregate of the brand charge be accurate by advertence and citation.

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