Time Travel

Assume you accept been accustomed the adeptness to biking aback in time, and you are about to set off on a cruise to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The purpose of your cruise is to appointment artists in their studios and appearance immediate the conception of some of their paintings and sculpture.In your time travels, you will aggregate advice on bristles altered styles of nineteenth- and avant-garde art, as represented by one artisan from anniversary style. Before you set out, adjudge which specific styles you would like to explore.Select one style from each of the bristles categories listed below:Late Nineteenth Century: Impressionism or Post ImpressionismEarly Twentieth Century: Fauvism, Expressionism, or FuturismCubism: Analytic or SyntheticPost-World War I Art: Dada or SurrealismPost-World War II Art: Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, or Pop ArtFor anniversary of your bristles called styles, analyze one artisan who represents that appearance whose flat you will analyze in your time travels. In your visits to anniversary artist’s studio, plan to analyze one assignment of art that best exemplifies the artist’s style. When you acknowledgment from your time travels, adapt a address that includes the afterward advice for each of your bristles adumbrative works of art:A photograph of the objectIdentifying information: Name of the artistTitle of the workDate of the workMedium/materials acclimated to actualize the workIdentify the appearance of the assignment of art. Then, address a branch of 4-6 sentences that: Describes the beheld characteristics that makes the article adumbrative of its stylePlaces the assignment aural its amusing and actual ambience and explains why it is culturally significant. Finally, in a well-developed branch of 6-8 sentences, abridge what you accept abstruse from your “time travels, ” highlighting key similarities and distinctions amid the artists you visited and their adumbrative works of art. Your address should achieve with an account about which appearance you acquisition best absorbing and why. 

Offer a commendation of your sources for anniversary angel and the advice provided as appropriate

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