art quiz

  QUIZ 2 (Covers 2-D artwork and Sculpture)  Copy and adhesive this certificate into Microsoft Word and ample in your answers 1. Please accord your estimation what a carve can be? 2. Based on your account and images you saw in the eText is there any appearance of carve you like? 3. On folio 238, who created Maman and what is it fabricated of? 4. Describe the assignment of Willard Wigan. 5. What are plants and shrubs carved into shapes alleged that are begin in gardens? 6. Amuse name the sculptor whose assignment you would like to own. 7. Do you accept bodies or aliens fabricated ‘crop circles’? 8. What afflicted Pablo Picasso’s Guernica? What media, blazon of art style, did Picasso use? 9. What is your actual acknowledgment back you attending at Jeff Koon’s Michael Jackson and Bubbles? Did you like it or not? (please additionally Google the carve to see it in color) 10. Who is Louise Nevelson? Extra Credit (1 point each)     11. Why were so abounding bodies agitated by the bronze of actor and extra Lucille Ball back it was placed in her hometown?

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