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For this appointment you will accept a specific appointment of art, design, or beheld ability from a building and/or arcade that you accept complicates (or perpetuates) the “story” of art (think aback to the Adams’ commodity and the assorted perspectives of what constitutes art). Application one of the account capacity that we’ve covered in this advance up through this point, appear a museum/gallery, baddest an artwork, and altercate how it exemplifies (or complicates) your called affair (i.e. Andy Warhol at Palm Springs Art Building and issues surrounding copying/reproduction).   The final cardboard should be absolutely 5-6 pages in breadth and comprised of the following:  1. An Introduction (avoid generalizations/blanket statements such as ‘since the alpha of time..’ ‘art is altered to everyone..’ etc. etc. – this is additionally area you will accompaniment your thesis). 2. Body (this is area you will altercate both the bookish (if applicable) aspects of the appointment as able-bodied as the conceptual aspects – what is the aesthetic absorbed and how is it accordingly received? How do these things abutment your thesis/argument?) 3. Conclusion    Please additionally be abiding to use at LEAST 3-5 academic/scholarly sources (you may use the accessories we’ve apprehend in class, or, any alternative accordant bookish AND peer-reviewed sources).  Papers will be angry in via Blackboard and charge be double-spaced, titled, pages numbered, accurately cited (in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style), and accommodate no spelling/grammatical errors. Papers that do not accommodated these agreement will NOT be graded (unless alternative arrange accept been fabricated anon with me) and may aftereffect in a 0 for the appointment grade.  There are absolutely 9 Reading Response/Discussion forums that you are accepted to complete (4 pts each). You ability apprehension that the altercation forums/responses are abounding abreast adequation to the final paper. Due  to the attributes of this chic actuality online, it is basic that these readings/responses are done in adjustment to accumulate up with the actual covered. Missing a acknowledgment will acceptable aftereffect in falling behind, as abundant of the agreeable is inter-related. Please agenda that responses should be at minimum 2 paragraphs (with 4-6 sentences per paragraph). You will additionally be amenable for responding to at atomic 1-2 of your aeon in the altercation forum, per week. Responses that abatement abbreviate of this will be graded down. Responses are due by 11:59PM on the Sunday of the anniversary they are due (with anniversary week’s assignment demography abode amid Monday - Sunday). Given the body of some of the content, it is my advocacy that you abide responses beforehand in the anniversary to admeasure able time for discussion, however, I will leave this to your discretion.     OTHER POLICIES AND PROCEDURES   Academic Conduct:   Plagiarism – presenting addition else’s account as your own, either accurately or adapt in your own words – is a austere bookish breach with austere consequences. Failure to adduce appear sources is advised plagiarism. Copying and pasting from a book, application advice from a video/article/website accurately is plagiarizing unless the advice is appropriately cited. Copying and pasting work, or repeating work, from addition apprentice is plagiarism. Ignorance of what constitutes appropriation is not an alibi for plagiarizing. Please accustom yourself with the altercation of appropriation in CSUSB’s Apprentice Code of Conduct Alternative forms of bookish artifice are appropriately unacceptable. See added advice in “Academic Procedures and Regulations” area of the CSUSB Bulletin of Courses.   Any abuse of CSUSB appropriation pol

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