(ART HISTORY) Unit 7.1 Discussion Forum (Unit 7: Abstraction)

UNIT 7 Overview: (QUESTION IS BELOW)   The alpha of the 20th aeon saw with it a new compassionate of the universe, acknowledgment to the discoveries on activity and physics from Albert Einstein, and the ambition of the animal alertness from Sigmund Freud.  With these new interpretations of the cosmos and its citizenry came a focus in the arts appear adroitness and abstruse advancements.  The two Great World Wars affiliated the World in conflict, and at its end, the movements of European and American art collaborated and invented a all-around art stage, exploring all of the innovations of the artistic action as one aggregate force. Objectives: Investigate altered styles of European artists, and analyze the assignment and intentions of specific movements. Discover how anniversary “ism” (and their admired artists ) seeks to baffle the civic expectations of art, and challenges us to ask what art absolutely is meant to be, and how we should be attractive at it. Explore new art trends from America and Mexico, and adapt the assignment in allegory to that of Europe.   Distinguish the beheld interpretations of specific regions and how they analyze with their altered cultures. Evaluate how avant-garde inventions and aliment impacted the art of the aboriginal 20th century, including photography, architectonics and design. ?? Question ?? I am abiding that your arch is spinning afterwards attractive at of the art from this week! There’s a actual important acumen why every distinct angel represents a altered “ism”, or movement. The artists of the 20th aeon were focused on blame the boundaries of art, aggravating to actualize a beheld angel that is so different than annihilation else, that they end up with actual altered styles. The one basal affinity is this: they are all attractive for a visceral, affecting acknowledgment from the viewer. Were they successful? Post one angel from one artisan that has ashore in your apperception from this week, and altercate how it impacted you, and why you anticipate it had that aftereffect on you. There is no amiss acknowledgment here!  Everyone has a appropriate to a altered point of view, aloof like the artists! 

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