Art history online exam

You will log into my annual of canvas and again booty the quiz. back you cannot attending up the answers in the aforementioned computer, you may charge two. there are 57 questions in absolute and 120 mins to complete. preferably addition who has absolutely advised art history before. Instructions Do not activate the analysis until you are accessible to complete it in one session. You are not able to begin, stop, and resume at a afterwards time. Anniversary of the afterward art/architectural works had a above appulse on the development of aesthetic appearance during and afterwards the time it was created. Identify the artist/culture, date, materials, accountable matter, area (when necessary) stylistic features, function, and explain the acceptation of each.The architecture of your answers should be: Artist/Culture, Title (Date). Materials, scale. [Ex. British, Stonehenge, (ca. 255-1600 BC). Sandstone & Bluestone].   In branch format, altercate the accountable matter, function, stylistic features, and acceptation of the object. Do not use ammo points.  You may advertence your addendum but you may not toggle off the testing awning to argue the argument or alfresco sources. Should your testing address announce such activity, you will recieve a zero. 

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