The cardboard is due:   December 1st, 2017  What are the two altered credibility of appearance of the Confederate cairn controversy? Do they accord at our City Halls? If not, area do they belong? Back was the bronze created? Does that accomplish a difference? What is the actual ambience in which they were created? Do these statues deserve a abode of honor? What is the bequest of the Confederate memorials? Who was the sculptor? What class of Art History is the painting or carve actuality continued to? Look in your arbiter and assay historically assay and allocate the artwork.  Prove that it belongs to a specific era in Art History (Post-Impressionism, Realism, Romantics). DIRECTIONS: *Write No added than one folio in length.  (Introduction, body, and conclusion) *Cover folio (with photo), *One Footnote page. Three footnotes from three altered sources. (Example: artisan webpage, art magazines, art blogs, and textbook) *Highlight or accentuate Art Terms  Your cardboard should include: Bio of the Artist, Visual Analysis, Actual Classification Some of this cardboard concentrates on Visual Analysis and discussing what you see back you attending at the assignment of art. What class of art history does the artwork accord to? (Pop Art, Cubism, Surrealism, contemporary, modern).  Concentrate on the basal elements of Art: line, color, form, size, texture, and hue.  Try allurement yourself some of the afterward questions: What colors are acclimated in the artwork? Do the colors access the aftereffect the allotment has on the viewer? How big is the work? Describe the agreement symmetrical, asymmetrical, what are the forms like? Angular, biomorphic, geometric, what is the average of the work? How does that access the absolute aftereffect of the piece? Area is the assignment amid in the gallery? How is it afraid or displayed? How do you feel back you attending at the piece? What do you anticipate the intentions of the artisan were? Do you anticipate the artisan got his bulletin beyond to his audience? These are aloof a few questions you ability ask yourself to advice get started.  

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