art history

600 words Follow Directions: How to Critique an Artwork  Description Call the assignment after application amount words such as "beautiful" or "ugly":  ● What is the accounting description on the characterization or in the affairs about the work?  ● What is the appellation and who is (are) the artist(s)?  ● When and area was the assignment created?  ● Call the elements of the assignment (i.e., band movement, light, space).  ● Call the abstruse qualities of the assignment (i.e., tools, materials, instruments).  ● Call the accountable matter. What is it all about? Are there apparent images?  Analysis Call how the assignment is organized as a complete composition:  ● How is the assignment complete or planned (i.e., acts, movements, lines)?  ● Identify some of the similarities throughout the assignment (i.e., alliteration of lines, two songs in anniversary act).  ● Identify some of the credibility of accent in the assignment (i.e., specific scene, figure, movement).  ● If the assignment has capacity or characters, what are the relationships amid or amid them?  Interpretation Call how the assignment makes you anticipate or feel:  ● Call the alive qualities you acquisition in the work. What alive accent would you use to call the qualities (i.e., tragic, ugly, funny)?  ● Does the assignment admonish you of alternative things you accept accomplished (i.e., affinity or metaphor)?  ● How does the assignment chronicle to alternative account or contest in the apple and/or in your alternative studies?  Judgment or Evaluation Present your assessment of the work's success or failure:  ● What qualities of the assignment accomplish you feel it is a success or failure?  ● Compare it with agnate works that you anticipate are acceptable or bad.  ● What belief can you account to advice others adjudicator this work?  ● How aboriginal is the work? Why do you feel this assignment is aboriginal or not original? 

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