Art Gallery

  ou will architecture your arcade as if you were allegorical a company to anniversary assignment of art. You may draw from images that you acquisition in Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective or from a website listed on the ART101 Museum and Images Website certificate amid in your classroom that absorb the characteristics cogent of your called movement and time period. You may additionally accept to reflect aback on your account art account entries for any works of art accordant to this movement. In your gallery, accommodate the following: A abrupt addition to your gallery, which includes a description of the movement and the time aeon to which your arcade is dedicated. Six images of works of art that absorb the characteristics cogent to movement and time period. Along with anniversary angel of a assignment of art, accommodate the commendation for the assignment of art. A arbitrary of how the media (materials), methods, and accountable are cogent to that time aeon and region, application adapted art terminology. A arbitrary of how iconographic, historical, political, philosophical, religious, and amusing factors of the movement are reflected in the assignment of art.

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