IF YOU ARE NOT INTO ART/DRAWING OR DO NOT HAVE THE MATERIALS PLEASE PASS THIS BID THANKS! Create ten 9x12" sketches in your atramentous cartoon pad application white media.  Actualize loose, almost quick expressions of light, shadow, and actual that focus on complete compositions.  Each account should accommodate a bottle article as able-bodied as some fabric.  Because these are sketches, don't anguish too abundant about technique.  These should be added expressions, and are studies for the cartoon assignment.  Be abiding to compose all of your sketches in such a way that utilizes all four abandon of the page.  Start with the abutting object, accomplish it big, put it on the actual basal of the folio to begin. Create two 9x12" cartoon from still activity application white media on atramentous paper.  The cartoon should accommodate at atomic one bottle object, and a little bankrupt fabric.  You may use white charcoal, prismacolor pencil, adventure crayon, or white delicate (choose alone one media per drawing).  Use the white to actualize the highlights, and use the atramentous cardboard to actualize the shadows.  This is not a negative, but it is a about-face access to creating a drawing.  Accomplish abiding your still activity is badly lit, and be abiding to absorb the absolute folio in a way that creates absorbing abrogating space, and a acceptable beginning to accomplishments relationship.  Be abiding that you compose your cartoon such that all four edges of the folio are actuality occupied.  Minimize abrogating space.  Because it is a drawing, I appetite you to apathetic down, and clarify your technique; try to annihilate your pencil strokes, and focus on creating acceptable detail. Drawings will be evaluated on craftsmanship, technique, form, shading/value, and composition.

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