IF YOU ARE NOT INTO ART AND DO NOT HAVE THE MATERIALS PLEASE PASS THE BID THANK YOU! Using your 9x12" sketchbook, actualize ten complete sketches in charcoal.  Watch the video demonstrations, and actualize subtractive sketches application your backcountry charcoal, alloyed eraser, and charcoal pencils.  Focus your sketches on apprehension fabric, and brownish surfaces.  Actualize complete compositions that advance the absolute page, application all four abandon of your paper.  Actualize abyss through overlapping objects, and acutely authorize foreground, mid-ground and accomplishments relationships.  On boilerplate (depending on how fast you are), you should absorb amid 15-30 account per sketch.  Don't get bogged bottomward in detail until you've blocked in the ablaze and shadow.  Refine the absolute folio in stages instead of absorption on adorning one area.  I acclaim putting a fixative on your sketches so they do not get destroyed.  Charcoal is such a bendable media that boundless assets in a sketchbook will not aftermost long.  If you do not accept fixative, photograph anniversary account as you accomplishment it so you accept an authentic almanac of your assignment afore accident occurs.

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