Art Appreciation paper

   Art Appre Final Paper For your Final Paper, you are to choose  · one artisan and one assignment of art by that artisan and accord a 2 folio beheld assay of that assignment of art.  · I apprehend 1 awning page, and 2 FULL pages of text, Times New Roman font, 12, bifold spaced. · Do not acclimatize the margins, do not access the admeasurement of your text, do not plagiarize!  · You are additionally to accommodate an angel of the assignment of art you accept called on the awning page.  · Your called artist/work charge either be a active abreast (recognized) artist, or a actual artist.     · First, accord some accomplishments on your called artist. Who is this person? Where did they apprentice about art? What media do they about assignment with? Do they accept a accepted affair in their art? Who do they accede to be their influences? What alternative artists do they assignment with? These ability be some of the questions you access in your paper. · Choose one assignment of art from this artisan and accord a abounding beheld assay of this assignment of art. · Make abiding you are afterward the guidelines in your abridgement about sources.      Organization: 1. Introductory paragraph  2. Introduce your artisan and the allotment you chose 3. Discuss the beheld backdrop of the work 4. What does this allotment acquaint to the viewer? 5. Why did you chose this piece?  6. Conclusion

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