ART APPRECIATION CLASS – Personal Response Paper – DUE 4/8/18

 DUE TOMORROW, 4/8/18 BY 15:00!!! For this assignment, you charge to absorb at atomic fifteen account attentively examination one of the afterward artworks: Locate the images online. You can use Google Images to appearance these works.          1) The Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David;           2)Les Demoiselles d' Avignon by Pablo Picasso           3)Composition in Grey and Ochre by Piet Mondrian.  The focus of a claimed acknowledgment cardboard is to address about your own account and feelings.  In this case, your acknowledgment is to a appointment of art. This is a four branch assignment.   In the aboriginal paragraph, analyze the appointment of art by appellation (italicized) and the artist's aboriginal and aftermost name. Analyze the appearance of the angel as realistic, abstract, or non-objective. These styles are authentic in this week's advance content. Branch one charge additionally accommodate a abrupt description of the work.  In the additional paragraph, call the account that appear to apperception as you appearance the image. Consider questions like: What is accident in the work? What do the images represent?  In the third paragraph, call your animosity in acknowledgment to the work. Is the blush palette abatement or invigorating? What affections do the capacity themselves assume to be feeling? Do you chronicle to the affections expressed?  In the fourth paragraph, accommodate a arbitrary of your examination acquaintance in and accord any final thoughts. 

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