ARH1000Analysis Cardboard -  Academic Analysis Instructions The accoutrement of academic assay are the starting point for compassionate any assignment of art; these accoutrement advice you apprehend how a assignment of art was fabricated and advance a added acknowledgment of it. Step 1: Examine Choose a assignment of art (1.3.6 (Caravaggio p. 79); or 2.2.27 (Baca p. 224); Start your academic assay by demography a continued attending at the artwork application Part I of this book, the elements and attempt of art as they chronicle to your called work. Step 2: Write Work of Art information: State the title, artist, date, dimensions, and average (what it is fabricated of). State the name of the exhibition in which the assignment was displayed/ area the artwork is located Draft a thorough, abundant description of the assignment of art you chose. Be abiding to: Write your academic analysis. Visually assay and call the capacity of the assignment of art. Apply a minimum of 5 elements and 5 principles of art cant words as you altercate the art. Include an added adjustment of assay that is discussed in affiliate 1.10 (Learning Module 2.5) to adviser your assay in adjustment to accept why the artwork was fabricated and what its bulletin is. Investigate the artist’s activity back the assignment was created. Delve into the time and abode in which he or she lived. What symbols did the artisan use, and what was his or her accompaniment of mind? Recognize that some artworks are meant to back audible messages, which were bright to their abreast audiences. Step 3: Organize your allegation into a accumulated assay cardboard application MLA format. Your assay should be a minimum of 800 words. Use reliable sources. Include your research, as able-bodied as your own opinions, to anatomy your estimation of the artwork. Before you submit... accomplish abiding that you accept the following: Formal assay of the assignment of art selected Identify and altercate one added approach of analysis  The assay breadth should be 3 - 5 pages Use MLA architecture (Times New Roman 12 point admeasurement font, double-spaced, adapted in-text citations, Works Cited page, etc...) Cite alien sources Similarity Report charge aural 0-10%

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