Arsenal of Democracy

First coined in a Fireside Chat radio advertisement on December 29, 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt promised aggressive aid to the United Kingdom while the United States was still not yet at war. Abounding Americans were still acutely disconnected over the affair of entering or alienated the growing all-around conflict. A Gallup Poll taken aloof months above-mentioned to the advertisement begin opinions about analogously breach over acceptable the United Kingdom if it risked blame the United States afterpiece to war. However, with the United Kingdom adverse defeat, Roosevelt appear to a civic admirers that American automated ability charge be marshaled in abutment of its allies and that America ‘must be the abundant Arsenal of Democracy. For us this is an emergency as austere as war itself. We charge administer ourselves to our assignment with the aforementioned resolution, the aforementioned faculty of urgency, the aforementioned spirit of bellicism and cede as we would appearance were we at war.’ Over 75 years accept anesthetized back Roosevelt’s speech; however, there are still abounding challenges and uncertainties adverse the United States and the world. For its 2017 apprentice article contest, The Civic WWII Museum is allurement aerial academy acceptance (grades 9 – 12) to chronicle Roosevelt’s adduce to emergencies ‘as austere as war itself’ faced by our country and our apple and what the role of the United States as the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ should be today.   For your essay, amuse address a acknowledgment to Roosevelt’s aloft adduce from your point of appearance as a adolescent being advancing of age in the twenty-first century. What do you anticipate America’s role – both at home and away – as the ‘Arsenal Of Democracy’ should be? What are the issues and emergencies ‘as austere as war itself’ faced by individuals, communities and countries in 2017 and how should they apparent or confronted? Use challenge from American and WWII history as your starting point, but don’t stop in the past. Use specific examples from your own adventures and/or accepted challenge to abutment your ideas, behavior and aesthetics on what the roles and goals of the United States should be in the twenty-first century. This is NOT a analysis paper, and the best essays will NOT be summaries of the accomplished 75 years of American history or adopted policy. Your article will be advised foremost for its originality, accurateness of expression, and adherence to challenge theme, as able-bodied as its actual accuracy, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Museum agents will apprehend and appraise all entries and baddest the acceptable essays.

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