Spiegel Online Economics Edgar Atukeren MBA SBS (Swiss Business School) Alex Rau, Daria Revanchenkova, Arsa Grgurevic Table of Content: 1 Background 2 Assignment 3 Alternate Classified Announcement in Germany 4 Allotment the appropriate segments 5 Business Idea and Abstraction 6 Competition 7 Financial Projections 8 The Problem 9 Accessible Solutions 10 Conclusion 11 Recommendations and Lesson Learned Background Spiegel Online is one of the arch account Web sites in Germany and alternative German speaking countries, as Austria and Switzerland. It is a allotment of a Spiegel Group, administrator of several book articles in accession to Der Spiegel and ambassador of the Spiegel TV Magazine. The Spiegel Accumulation was additionally alive in television blur production. It took aboriginal accomplish against internationalization by English-language editions of Spiegel appropriate and the account advertisement of magazines in Hungary and Poland. In 2005 the Spiegel Accumulation had added than 1,400 employees. Total revenues of the Spiegel Accumulation were about about 322 actor euro, of which Spiegel Online contributed 15 actor euro. 0% of revenues resulted from online advertising, authoritative this the best important antecedent of assets for Spiegel Online. The webpage is accoutrement assorted capacity as politics, business, panorama, arts, science, education, entertainment, sports, and travel. Spiegel is additionally a above contributor to the Hamburg Media School. It organized as a public-private affiliation and offers MBA in Media Management, film, and journalism. In their added year, MBA acceptance about affianced in consulting projects with above media companies. Assignment This year the acceptance charge assay on 2 questions: ) Were there any affairs for an economically acknowledged admission into the bazaar for alternate classifieds? 2) What would the business archetypal attending like in detail? They had alone 2 restrictions: annihilation in the developed articulation was apparent as inappropriate and the account will be limited. The apprentice aggregation breach their assay into four steps: * Assay of bazaar aggregate and advance * Analyses of accessible competitors * Selection of advantageous niches * Development of able concepts Alternate Classified Announcement in Germany The alternate announcement in Germany is based on alms amplitude for classified ads for alternative companies. There are about 20,500 Web sites, which are accomplishing that and they accomplish about 4 percent of all online revenues. Online casework had gradually replaced newspapers and magazines in the classifieds segment. There are 3 best important alternate segments nowadays: * Automotive (which awning 1/3 of all barter adorable for a car) * Absolute acreage (200 billion euro are generated per year) * Job advertisement (30% of jobs are begin online) Allotment the appropriate segments Spiegel Online is afterward a cast new strategy: accumbent affiliation into a new bazaar (interactive ads). The aggregation absitively to aggrandize and awning new arket, which can accomplish added acquirement for the company. As automotive, absolute estate, and jobs alternate segments are already bedeviled by ample competitors, Spiegel Online needs to baffle in the industry, by anxiously allotment the segments, which are the best assisting ones. So it absitively to apply on aerial affection standards and articles that akin the angel of Spiegel and chose high-quality cars, high- advantageous jobs and art objects. Spiegel Online Art Belvedere The aggregation able a abounding business plan on anniversary of the three bazaar segments. The automotive and job segments seemed to be about assisting and growing. Art, on the alternative hand, promised to be an absorbing alcove that had not yet been covered by any acclaimed company. Competition Best Web sites were positioned in the aerial amount segment. Serve as a business and sales apparatus for high-value objects. In the lower amount segment, Web sites are mostly created by amateurs and amusement artists. These Web sites did not allure ample audiences. The online art bazaar had accustomed some absorption from investors and media companies (Example Burda-photo arcade Lumas). Opportunity for Spiegel online is to actualize belvedere in the average and lower amount segment. Business Idea and Abstraction The abstraction consisted of two chip genitalia for the Spiegel online users absorbed in the arts: a affairs belvedere and a association platform. Art belvedere Core to the Spiegel Online art belvedere was the sales platform. The sales belvedere homepage would advance to all art altar up for sale. A chase agent would acquiesce allocation altar by price, style, size, artist… Navigation card would acquiesce quick admission to added armpit functions. The home folio would additionally accommodate a voting area. Association The Basic Art Arcade could be customized, like MySpace. Users can actualize their own profiles. The contour included a basic walk-through to gallery. Artisan and galleries could use the Basic Art Arcade as a business tool. Ambition accumulation The Spiegel Online art belvedere addressed two ambition groups: first, bodies absorbed in art, and second, artisan and galleries. Consumer allowances For buyers: low-risk arena field, abstinent prices, aerial transparency, users don’t charge specialized knowledge. For sellers: Low admission barriers, low sellers fees, adorable for adolescent alien artists. Allowances for Spiegel online Monetary: New revenues by commissions, admittance fees, and boutique sales. Non-monetary: Parent brand, high-quality image.

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