I charge this appointment in ability point format Of the photos that I am giving you accept to be the adventures and accept one of the photos and explain it with the antecedent steps. Please anxiously apprehend the appointment prompt.  You will Investigate the activity and artworks of 4 artist. Select two from anniversary of the capacity 4 and 5. Create a abbreviate presentation with examples of the artisan works of art. Your ability point charge be about the 4 artist. In your ability credibility you charge include: 1.Artists’ biography. (all 4 artist) 2.Art works, lots of examples (all 4 artist) 3.Select one art allotment and accept a quick appraisal of the allotment afterward the 4 accomplish from aftermost class. Include a abbreviate video about the artwork you chose. (about one artwork from one of the artist, a allotment that you accept you can address a nice appraisal on, the abbreviate video from 5-10 account will be from the appraisal piece) 4.Use alone the artisan from the capacity 4 and 5 from your textbooks. However, some artisan accept alone one archetype art work, you can chase on band for added examples to advice your presentation. 

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