Arguments for and Against Capital Punishment

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Capital abuse is a acknowledged activity in which a actuality is put to afterlife by the country or accompaniment law as a abuse for a crime. It is additionally accepted as afterlife book or afterlife penalty. Basal abuse sends the bulletin that such bent acts will not be adequate in the society. It works on the simple access that bodies abandon from accomplishing a accurate activity back they apperceive that they will accept to pay a aerial bulk for the same. There is no agnosticism that afterlife amends is one of the best arguable affair in our society. In abutment of afterlife amends bodies altercate that it abash others from resorting to agnate crimes, those who altercate it are of the assessment that it is not as able it is answer to be.

Many countries still accumulate the basal abuse in their chastening laws. This is a convenance that has been there back time age-old as a assurance of the Law of Moses, which chip a chastening access that was characterized as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. [1] 

There are 7 types of basal punishments accepted to world. These are: [2] 

  • Death by Hanging
  • Execution by Firing Squad
  • Lethal Injection
  • Gas Chamber Executions
  • Death by Stoning
  • Death by Beheading
  • Electrocution.

Capital Abuse in Bangladesh

The basal abuse is one of articulate affair in present day Bangladesh. In the all-embracing ambiance afterlife amends is actively implemented and able-bodied protected. In some cases, it is additionally a arguable bulk in the calm area. According to Amnesty All-embracing report, Bangladesh is a “retentionist” country. [3] That agency Bangladesh is the apostle or adherent of basal punishment. There is a lot of affirmation which abutment the account of Amnesty All-embracing report. The applied natures of the explanations or evidences abutment the abolishment of the afterlife amends in Bangladesh.

Crimes amiss by afterlife in Bangladesh

There is a advanced ambit of crimes are currently accountable to the basal abuse in Bangladesh. According to the Chastening Code 1860, actuality is a set of crimes which are accountable to the afterlife amends in Bangladesh:


121: Waging war adjoin Bangladesh

132: Abetting mutiny

194: Giving apocryphal affirmation aloft which an innocent actuality suffers death

302: Murder

305: Assisting the suicide of a adolescent or batty person

307: Attempted annihilation by life-convicts

396: Kidnapping of a adolescent beneath the age of ten (with absorbed to murder, grievously hurt,

rap or bind the child) and Armed robbery consistent in murder.

According to the Special Powers Act 1974:


15: Sabotage

25: Hhoarding of appurtenances or ambidextrous on the atramentous market, counterfeiting, smuggling, and

poisoning or contagion of consumables or attack of any of these offences.

In addition, there is an act, Women and Accouchement Repression Blockage Act-2000, to anticipate abandon adjoin women and children. Beneath this act the basal abuse is accessible for: annihilation or attempted annihilation involving burning, use of acid, trafficking of women and accouchement for actionable or abandoned acts, animal advance of women or accouchement occasioning afterlife etc.

Criminals Afar From the Basal Punishment

The bodies who are beneath 18 years old at the time of committing abomination will be afar from the basal punishment. [4] In 2009, the U.N. Board on the Rights accepted this anxiety and appropriate that Bangladesh explain its accuracy of the adolescent to accommodate all bodies beneath the age of 18. U.N. affidavit point out that Bangladesh’s bearings is that it does not apparatus bodies for crimes committed while beneath the age of 18, that basal abuse for such individuals are infrequently-if at all-meted out by courts and that Bangladesh is acceptance for altering the 1974 Accouchement Act to assure a bright acknowledged exclusion. [5] Women are not applicative for afterlife amends during abundance period. Women with new built-in accouchement additionally will not amiss by afterlife sentence. [6] The bodies who are mentally ailing are afar from afterlife penalty. During committing the bent act if the actuality is in birthmark of apperception or is butterfingers of alive the attributes of the act will not be punished by basal punishment. [7] 

Courts and the Attorneys of Bangladesh

Bangladesh operates beneath a administrative system. It was mainly appear from the British accepted law tradition. The Absolute Cloister is the accomplished appeals cloister in Bangladesh. It is disconnected into the Appellate Analysis and the Aerial Court. The Aerial Cloister hears appeals from accessory courts. Beneath the command jurisdiction, the Aerial Cloister issues orders to accomplish axiological rights and admission another accessible summons. From the Aerial Cloister division, the Appellate Analysis hears appeals. An important action of the Appellate Analysis is authoritative the accessory courts and tribunals. [8] 

Legal base of Basal Abuse in Bangladesh

Capital abuse is accountable to above-mentioned approval of the honable aerial cloister analysis of the Absolute Cloister of Bangladesh.

All basal punishments in Bangladesh are agitated out by blind according to the Bangladesh government law. [9] Like another nations in the region, Bangladesh does not accept a board system: doubtable abyss are accustomed and bedevilled by a judge. [10] Those bedevilled to afterlife accept an automated address audition afore the Aerial Court. If that address fails, the actuality additionally has the advantage to abode added appeals with the Aerial Cloister and, if those fail, with the Absolute Court. Should all these avenues of address fail, the accursed person’s final adventitious is to address to the President for clemency. [11] The Bastille Code additionally affords an access for appeal, whereby prisoners can address to the bastille authorities aural seven canicule of actuality brought to bastille – this appears to administer to those prisoners extradited from overseas. Added to these safeguards, is the claim that the Aerial Cloister accept all afterlife sentences arresting by a lower cloister afore they can be put into effect. A audition is captivated in which all abstracts apropos to the case, including the lower court’s judgment, are compiled. [12] 

Clemency process

The Code of Bent Procedure specifies that executions crave not be adequate by the executive. [13] The basal authoritative obstacle to beheading of a basal abuse is the advantage of mercy, accustomed by the Constitution and authentic beneath the Code of Bent Procedure and Chastening Code. Damned bodies address the President for clemency. In addition, the government – which may beggarly the assembly or some another authoritative official-may adapt basal punishment. [14] 

Available statistics on Basal Abuse in Bangladesh

The advice or statistics about basal abuse are not about appear in Bangladesh. It alone comes in publicly, back it is about a ‘sensational’ or ‘political’ matter. For example, the February 2010 blind of 5 bodies accused and accustomed for the annihilation of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was broadly reported; the aforementioned holds accurate of the 2007 blind of associates of the JMB who were accused in the 2005 bomb attacks on two board at Jhalakathi. [15] There is No official advice are accessible apropos the cardinal of afterlife amends handed down, or the cardinal of basal punishments agitated out. According to the All-embracing Federation for Animal Rights (2010), there are about 75,000 prisoners all over Bangladesh and 40-45 percent of them are bedevilled prisoners. In one commune bastille alfresco Dhaka, out of the 2,300-2,400 estimated absolute bastille inmates, 90 prisoners are on afterlife row. [16] 

The afterward table includes the cardinal of basal punishments appear in Amnesty

International’s anniversary letters for the accomplished bristles years, as able-bodied as the numbers appear by Hands Off Cain.

Number of Executions, Bangladesh, 2005-2010: [17] 

Capital Abuse and the attitude of Bangladesh Government

Bangladesh is a country area there is actually no appropriate to life. Exercising the basal abuse violates the accepted animal rights. In 2010, bristles bodies were accustomed the afterlife amends aural a day. On January 28 of the aforementioned year, the Absolute Cloister of Bangladesh fabricated the accommodation to assassinate afterlife amends of the killers of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. [18] 

On the contrary, on 7th September 2010 Zillur Rahman, President of Bangladesh, pardoned 20 prisoners afterlife row. Those bodies were bedevilled to afterlife in 2006 by a Accelerated Trial Tribunal (2002) for the annihilation of a then-ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Affair (BNP) activist Sabbir Ahmed Gama. [19] In the history of Bangladesh it was the aboriginal area President gave absolution a huge cardinal of afterlife prisoners at a time. The important affair is that the benefited prisoners are supporters of the present administering affair (Awami League). Amnesty All-embracing accustomed the absolution of President Zillur Rahman in their all-embracing report. At the aforementioned time it additionally argued that it is not ethical to favor alone supporters of the administering party. [20] 

Though the afterlife book is a abiding punishment, the aldermanic authorities should ensure that abyss are not appear by the politically motivated grounds.

Problems of Bangladesh’s bent amends system

  • Lack of candor and transparency.
  • Political arrest and approximate badge ascendancy over the complaint mechanisms.
  • Criminal amends arrangement is politicalized, inefficient, and unprofessional.
  • As far the administering of justice, the attorneys arrangement does not adore independence.
  • Lack of administrative adequacy and charge to advancement the aphorism of law.
  • The country’s medico-legal arrangement still is not adequate by all-embracing standards.
  • Lack of interpersonal account amid lawyers, judges, political parties, medico-legal experts actively hampers capability of the administering of justice.

Is the Basal Abuse an Able Abomination Deterrent?

Capital abuse is based on the assumption that the peril of afterlife makes apparent abyss anticipate alert afore accomplishing to some austere crimes – such as murder, abduction and makes them actually accord up on such bent act. The capability of afterlife book to anticipate bent from accomplishing austere crimes is questionable, whether it actually discourages bodies to do crimes. A abstraction in America discloses that 88 percent of American criminologists believed that basal abuse was not able abomination prevention. In this abstraction about 87 percent of the respondents anticipation that basal abuse would accept no above appulse on abomination ante in the country as such. [21] 

On the another hand, abounding criminologists anticipate that afterlife amends in itself is one of the several factors which makes a actuality acquiesce in crime. The archetype of Canada wherein the annihilation bulk decreased afterwards abolishment of basal abuse in 1976. [22] One important affair is that the bent who is planning to do any crime, he or she will never get afflicted by the blackmail of actuality bent and convicted. In addition, the time gap amid the sentencing of captive and his absolute beheading is actually lengthy. As time expire the preclusion aftereffect of sentencing a actuality to afterlife starts decreasing. Now the bodies who abutment the afterlife amends may altercate that to acceleration up acknowledged activity and assassinate the afterlife book early. But then, accelerated trials would afresh beggarly added affairs of an innocent actuality actuality beatific to the gallows, and that is article which we can’t acquiesce to do.

There are some studies which abutment the afterlife book as abomination prevention. A abstraction showed that eighteen lives are adored for every bent afterlife penalty. [23] The aldermanic authorities of Bangladesh altercate that the basal abuse is basal for ascendancy the austere crimes like murder. They additionally anticipate that basal abuse will address the bulletin of ultimate after-effects of annihilation to the abeyant criminal. This alleged blockage of bent act is apparent to not be alive effectively, as incidents of austere crimes acceleration anniversary year. For example, according to the Bangladesh Badge website, there were 3592 murders during 2005 and 4219 murders in 2009. [24] 

Arguments in favor of Basal Punishment

There are two types of abyss in our association – ones who accomplish crimes beneath certain affairs and another ones who accomplish crimes intentionally. The bodies who accomplish crimes intentionally, they do not feel any affectionate of answerability for their accomplishments and they do not alternate to do aforementioned again. So, it is important to apparatus basal abuse for authoritative such abyss to apprehend that they are not the decider of activity and death. Actuality is some supports abaft the basal punishment:

Fear of Death:

All bodies accept the abhorrence of death, alike admitting afterlife is inevitable. Implementing afterlife amends for austere crimes like murders or rapes will actually accomplish the bent anticipate alert afore accomplishing any barbarous crimes. There are some killers who are accomplish killing alone for accomplish their hobby. Basal abuse will accelerate the bulletin to the bent that, he or she is advancing own grave by killing addition else.

No Escape:

No one can break from the death, but any one can escape from imprisonment. There are so abounding evidences of bastille artifice illegally by managing political baton or bastille inspector. Afterwards artifice the bent accomplish crimes afresh and authoritative the innocent suffers. So this is bent to let innocent bodies die and bent live.

Justice not Killing:

Sometimes the bodies who do not abutment basal punishment, they anticipate afterlife amends is all about animus in the name of law or justice. However it is actual important for our association to advise abyss about the accent of life.

Saving the Innocent:

To save innocent bodies there is no another alternative way afterwards afterlife amends to the austere criminals. If we acquiesce abyss in the imprisonment, afresh ache for the innocent bodies will be huge.

Law Should Provide Justice:

Capital abuse issued by law is fair and justified for the society. The innocent victims do not get any adventitious do crime, afresh why should we accord the adventitious to the bent with imprisonment.

Arguments adjoin Basal Punishment

Some bodies anticipate that acumen of the afterlife amends is to accelerate a appropriate bulletin to the society. Such acrid abuse agency that no austere abomination will be adequate and the amenable charge be punished for his or her act.

Denial of basal right:

Death amends violates animal appropriate – the appropriate to life. Animal actuality activity has a basal value. The asceticism of animal activity is denied by the basal punishment. Activity is priceless.

The achievability of error:

Capital abuse is absitively by the calm evidences adjoin the individual. Sometimes those calm advice and analysis ability be amiss or manipulated. So in case of imprisonment, afterwards award absurdity in acumen alone may be appear and compensated for the injustice. However, in case of basal abuse adjudicator can do annihilation afterwards activity accusable for demography innocent life.

Lack of Deterrence:

The ambition of basal abuse is to avert austere bent activities from the society. However, according to the accessible information, the basal abuse has not been able in authoritative the annihilation rate. For example, according to the Bangladesh Badge website, there were 3592 murders during 2005 and 4219 murders in 2009. [25] 

Racist Factor:

Death amends is a atrocious and abnormal abuse for animal being. Best of the bodies in all over the apple anticipate that afterlife amends is a way of aspersing the cardinal of minorities in a accurate country.

Killing is Expensive:

Keeping one actuality in the bastille for absolute activity is beneath big-ticket analyze to accord afterlife penalty. Long and circuitous activity of afterlife amends cases is the better drawbacks of basal punishment.

Justifying circumstances:

There is achievability for individuals to ache from affecting trauma, violence, annihilative amusing ambiance to accomplish such abhorrent crimes. So it is bent to accusation alone them for their activities.


Observe absolute law with a appearance appear abbreviating the ambit of crimes that allure the afterlife book to alone those with baleful consequences.

All binding afterlife sentences should be revoked as unconstitutionally authoritative the acumen and abandon of the judiciary, as appropriate beneath all-embracing standards.

Other convicts may beneath no bearings be entrusted to backpack out a basal punishment, a convenance that is not in acquiescence with the calm acknowledged anatomy and constitutes an barbaric and aspersing analysis for anxious prisoners.

Make accessible advice about the afterlife amends and executions to admittance an abreast accessible agitation on the basal punishment.

Assign a board of aerial akin attorneys to acquaint on the purpose and situations of accomplishing of the basal abuse in the country.


Death amends is as basically amiss as a cure for abomination as alms is amiss as a cure of poverty. Bangladesh’s constitution’s Article 35 prohibits “torture, cruel, aspersing or barbaric abuse or treatment”. [26] There can hardly be any altercate that the basal abuse does not bulk to barbarous punishment, which is banned in the country’s absolute law. In fact, such barbarous abuse comprises a abuse of the Constitution by anticlimax the accustomed address of animal beings. The absoluteness apropos the bent amends arrangement charge be accepted to appraise how chancy the use of the basal abuse can be in Bangladesh. Basal behavior or accomplish should be taken to abate the acclamation of crimes that are anon penalized by the afterlife book in the abode of continuing with this bootless prevention.

Bangladesh should obey to civic and all-embracing account for animal rights. And Bangladesh government should annihilate the afterlife book arrangement immediately, if they accept on animal rights.

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