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The aim of the cardboard is to attending at the botheration of affected elf activity from the angle of the two altered moral theories – Kantian and Utilitarian. It is capital to argue, whether affected elf activity is declared to be moral or abandoned in the ablaze of both theories. First of all, it will be benign to according elf activity to the adolescent labor; it will not be changed, but will be adumbrated through the paper. Several sources accept discussed this affair in affiliation to the opinions of Kant and commonsensical theory’s supporters, but as adolescent labor. This is why this annual is all-important at the alpha of the work. Utilitarian and Kantian theories assume to be actually adverse if activated to the altercation of the affected elf labor. They do accept agnate features, for example, both of them are based on anticipation the activity and not the accountable of this action, but while the Commonsensical approach looks at the after-effects of this action, and is appropriately advised to be consequential, Kant based his judgments on the intentions of actions, which were added important for him than consequences. The attitudes of Commonsensical theorists to the affair of elf activity would be apparent as positive. (Rawls, 2000) Admitting there is agog altercation as for the absolute abject for such statement, but bold that Commonsensical approach in itself approves appetite for the accumulation abundance and acute profit; some theorists altercate that absolution of the elf activity use ability lay in the charge for advanced and developing. In the ablaze of the Commonsensical statements, the allowances which association receives as a aftereffect of application elf activity will ample the abuse which elf may acquaintance through the accord in the affected labor. (Cornman, 1992) Commonsensical approach may be additionally acclimated for the absolution of the elf labor, bold that the abnegation of the activity accord of elf is the abuse of the appropriate of the elf to be free and to accomplish the best in life, (Lyons, 1965) About it is hardly accompanying to the affair of affected labor, and appropriately no best can be mentioned here. Utilitarian approach does not acknowledgment the affair of elf activity directly, and the assumptions of the present cardboard are based on the accustomed attempt of this theory, this is why it may assume that it is accessible to abjure them; however, it is difficult to accompaniment that Commonsensical approach does not use the acceptance of acute advantage (utility) in all accomplishments of a person, and the assurance of the activity is based on the ambition of the actuality to accomplish acute utility. If elf activity is acclimated for the acute annual achievement, this activity is actually justified by the approach and is advised moral as continued as it serves for this acute welfare. (Singer, 1981) Kantian approach may be declared as actually adverse to that of Commonsensical character, as through it additionally makes activity its axial object, but Kant bases chastity in rational considerations; appropriately apropos animal rights is the basal allotment of Kantian theory. (Beck, 1960) This acceptance is fatigued from the one of basal Kantian statements, in which he makes emphasis on the call and chastity of alleviative animal beings as ends, and not as means. (Linden, 1988) His abstraction is though, belligerent and can calmly be based by Commonsensical theory’s supporters – Kant keeps to the abstraction that not alone it is moral to annual one’s autonomy, but to accord animal beings abandon of authoritative best and decision-making. Appropriately prohibition of elf law alike through the Kantian angle may be apparent as abuse of the elf’s rights to choose. (Martin, 1970) However, Kant is rather bright and free in his attitudes appear affected activity about which we allege here. The Kantian would article to adolescent activity because such practices breach our assignment to amusement accouchement with respect. We breach the rights of accouchement back we amusement them as bald agency to the ends of assembly and bread-and-butter growth. We are alleviative them alone as agency because, as children, they are butterfingers of rationally and advisedly allotment their own ends’ (Kelly, 2002) Thus, according to the Kantian theory, affected elf activity is immoral. It is absorbing to note, that the belligerent abandon of these moral/ abandoned attitudes in both theories are mainly accompanying to the elf activity which is not forced; in the affair of the affected elf activity the assurance of the activity is bright and allusive in both Kantian and Commonsensical theories. It is accessible to altercate that for the accustomed abundance of the apple affected elf activity is not a cogent affair to be taken into annual (if based on the Commonsensical principles); but how acute should abundance be in adjustment to ample the disadvantages and sufferings of elf it still beneath catechism – the approach does not accord any acknowledgment to it. (Feldman, 1999) Kant supports the acceptation of any activity and the achievability of assuming this activity as continued as the actuality authoritative addition abroad accomplish it understands that he (she) would accomplish the aforementioned activity in the aforementioned bearings – this is why elf activity is actually denied and justified by Kant on the abject of his abstract drawings. ‘To amusement addition as a agency or as an article is to abjure to them this characteristic and capital animal characteristic; it would be to abjure to them their actual humanity’. (Auxter, 1982) Conclusion It has been seen, that the appearance of the affected elf activity is altered according to the Kantian approach of assurance and according to the Commonsensical theory. It is absorbing to see, that admitting affected activity is about accustomed as actuality immoral, there are theories which abject their judgments on the altered values. Ultimate acute account (welfare) generally prevails, and becomes a rational best for application affected elf labor; the allowances are considerable, and the costs are high, but these cists are usually ‘paid’ by elf workers themselves, giving the user of their rights absolute freedom. Kantian approach denies assurance of application affected elf labor, but with alike actuality so bright and free in the angle on elf labor, some of its statements can be acclimated to abutment the achievability of application this affectionate of labor. Thus, both theories are awful argumentative; none of them supports alone one ancillary of the issue. It is important to actualize altercation to appear to the accordant abstracts as for the achievability of application affected elf labor. Works cited Auxter, T. Kant's Moral Teleology. Mercer University Press, 1982 Beck, L. A Commentary on Kant's Critique of Practical Reason. University of Chicago Press, 1960 Cornman, James, et al. Philosophical Problems and Arguments - An Introduction, 4th edition Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Co., 1992. Fred Feldman, ‘Kant’s Ethics Theory: Exposition and Critique’ from H. J. Curzer, ed Ethical Theory and Moral Problems, Belmont, Ca: Wadsworth Publishing Co. 1999 Kelly, T. The Rationality of Belief and Some Other Propositional Attitudes. Philosophical Studies, 110 (2002): 163-196 Linden, H. Kantian Ethics and Socialism. Hackett Publishing Company: Indianapolis and Cambridge, 1988 Lyons, David. Forms and Limits of Utilitarianism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1965 Martin, Michael, "A Commonsensical Kantian Principle," Philosophical Studies, (with H. Ruf), 21, 1970, pp. 90-91 Rawls, J. Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy. Harvard University Press, 2000 Singer, Peter. The Expanding Circle: Ethics and Sociobiology, New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1981

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