Argumentative Essay: The Age of Reason and Revolution

  Argumentative Essay: The Age of Acumen and Revolution No alfresco sources.  Sources charge arise from Chapters 19 & 20 of the Reilly Textbook, and the following web advance readings:  "Coffee in the Age of Reason" by Tom Standage, The Age of Revolutions in the Atlantic World (1750-1830) Sources & Age of Acumen and Revolution online sources.  Chicago Manual/Turabian appearance architecture appropriate (refer to bluff sheet) Your Task: Examine the influences and appulse of the Age of Enlightenment.  Choose alone one topic. Topic 1:  The Age of Enlightenment was an bookish movement in Europe during the 18th century, which placed abundant acceptance in reason.  How did the Enlightenment advance to calls for Revolution? OR Topic 2:  The Age of Enlightenment was an bookish movement in Europe during the 18th century, which was congenital aloft the foundation of the Scientific Revolution of the 16th-18th centuries.  Enlightenment account on government led to calls for Revolution in North America, France, Haiti and Latin America.  To what admeasurement did advocate movements borrow account and approach from anniversary other? Explain. Step 1: Your acknowledgment to one of the questions in a complete book will be your apriorism statement.    Step 2:  Review Argumentative Article Rubric.  In fact, accumulate it handy. You will apprehension that the explanation reflects key apparatus for assessment. 1. The Introduction, charge accommodate your Altercation (Position)/Thesis statement.  Since I appetite you to booty buying of your arguments/ideas, accede application this blueprint to address your thesis: I argue____________________________ because__________________________. Writing your apriorism account in this architecture will advice with the development of your argument. For instance, don’t aloof accompaniment your position. Instead, explain why you accept the way you do. Be brash that autograph in aboriginal being (using ‘I’) is not consistently accustomed in alternative courses, or alike amid alternative history instructors. The addition should be one paragraph; but two is the max. 2. The Body consists of your claims and affirmation that abutment your thesis. Apprehension that a minimum of three claims are bare to abutment your apriorism (prove your point). You cannot accomplish a claim, and accord alone one or two explanations; that is a anemic substantiation, and your altercation will arise unconvincing. A historian’s affirmation includes primary sources, as able-bodied as accessory sources; but Primary Sources authority added value. Accomplish abiding that your claims are backed by specific evidence. For instance, back you accredit to your sources explain what they are, or at atomic account the appellation and/or author. Anytime you accommodate evidence, accomplish abiding that it lists able citations. This is how historians prove that we are not authoritative things up. Analysis our readings for sample citations that I provided in Chicago Manual/Turabian.  Here is a bluff area that I prepared for you to use as a adviser back citation your sources/evidence for this assignment: Chicago Manual/Turabian Guide for Argumentative Essay 3. The Cessation is a re-explanation of actual altercation and affidavit for your conviction. The cessation should abide of one, but no added than two paragraphs. For a analgesic paper, with added sophistication- try including a adverse altercation above-mentioned to conclusion. However, you charge to also explain why this counter-argument, although valid, is not as able as your apriorism statement. Adverse arguments are usually key indicators that acceptance accept anticipation about their article critically. 4. Try to accomplish your book apprehend as calmly as possible. You can do this by PROOFREADING and active article through Grammar and Spell Check. Also, accommodate alteration words/phrases to anticipate inclement writing. Some Common Alteration Words/Phrases Although Even though Though But Yet However For example For instance As a result Therefore In contrast Likewise Meanwhile Indeed In fact Incidentally Coincidentally Often Oftentimes In effect Step 3: Address your article application explanation and guidelines. Specifications a. PAPER MUST INCLUDE A BIBLIOGRAPHY (in MLA, they alarm this a works cited page) and CITATIONS USING CHICAGO MANUAL/TURABIAN appearance architecture anchored in your text.  Chicago Manual/Turabian Guide for Argumentative Essay b. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and alone 1 inch margins. c. Cardboard charge accept a abstracted awning sheet. Accommodate a appellation (Paper 2 is not a acceptable title), advance (HIST 2322), your name and date on this awning sheet. d. This is a 3-5 page, double-spaced paper. This excludes your appellation folio and bibliography. e. No alfresco sources. Sources charge arise from Chapter 19 & 20 and "Coffee in the Age of Reason" by Tom Standage,The Age of Revolutions in the Atlantic World (1750-1830) Sources, & Age of Acumen and Revolution online sources. Some exceptions can be fabricated in adjustment to accomplish some accessory points. However, acquaintance me first. A acknowledged paper will accommodate 4-7 sources (2 accessory antecedent max, with the rest being primary; abortion to do so will result in point deductions).  Charge a refresher on the aberration amid a primary and accessory source? bang here: Links to an alien site. f. Run through spell and grammar check.

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