Argumentative Essay

Make an altercation about inequality, oppression, and attrition in the US from 1877 till the present. Your article should explain how you ascertain oppression, inequality, and resistance. Who are the primary oppressors? Who are the primary victims? What are the primary modes of resistance? Which modes of attrition are successful? Which are failures? How do you admeasurement these failures and successes? Finally, application at atomic two account accessories from the presentations explain the similarities and differences amid what you wrote in your cardboard and the present.

Here are the requirements 


2. Have a apriorism which demonstrates a change over time

3. A able UNDERLINED apriorism (a apriorism is one sentence).

4. 12 point times roman chantry bifold spaced

5. Cite aggregate in Chicago appearance format

6. Topic sentences that tie your affirmation to the apriorism (Make abiding the accent of anniversary affair book is taken anon from the thesis!)

7. Evidence from ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ONLY: Give Me Liberty OR Zinnn, Video, and Lecture/Presentations, ONLY!

8. Minimum of 10 citations

9. Do not use contractions (Can’t, couldn’t etc)

10. Only capitalize a chat if necessary

11. Do not accord a book report, it is an essay

12. No quotes or citations in a affair sentence

13. Do not accommodate cited actual in the aperture paragraph

14. Take a stand, no anemic apriorism or affair sentences

15. It is a history paper, aggregate should be in the accomplished tense.

16. Include absolute quotes that are beneath than two curve continued that abutment your answer.

17. Write a book or two to explain anniversary quote.

18. Conclusion branch should explain how the affirmation and allegation abutment your thesis.

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