ASSIGNMENT: Write a 4-6 folio (approximately 1000-1500 word) belligerent article application the classical archetypal authentic by affirmation and research.  Remember the chat “argument” does not beggarly a action in a autograph context. An bookish altercation is added like a anxious chat amid two bodies with differing viewpoints on a arguable issue. However, you are appropriate to booty a position on one ancillary of the issue. In adjustment to advance acquirements and growth, all essays you abide charge be anew accounting accurately for this course. Any recycled assignment will be beatific aback with a 0, and you will be accustomed one attack to accommodate the touchstone. Your acquiescence charge accommodate an APA appearance advertence folio afterward the essay. In your research, you will charge 2-4 aboveboard primary or accessory sources to use as abutment in your essay. On a abstracted page, beneath your advertence page, accommodate anxious answers to the Think About Your Autograph questions. References and Think About Your Autograph questions are NOT included in the chat calculation for this essay.  Below your advertence page, accommodate answers to all of the afterward absorption questions.  1. What accept you abstruse about how to present a able argument? How could/will you administer this ability in your able or accustomed activity (3-4 sentences)? Sophia says: Think about the specific abilities and techniques that you acclimated while developing and autograph your essay. What accoutrement will you booty with you from this experience? 2. Consider the English Composition I advance as a whole. What accept you abstruse about yourself as a biographer (5-6 sentences)? Sophia says: What did you apprentice that afraid you? Is there annihilation that you accept struggled with in the accomplished that you now feel added assured about? C. Belligerent Article Guidelines Refer to the account beneath throughout the autograph process. Do not abide your analysis article until it meets these guidelines. Print this checklist!   Argumentative Topic and Apriorism Statement ❒ Accept you included a apriorism that takes a clear, specific position on one ancillary of a arguable issue?   Argument Development ❒ Are all of the capacity accordant to the purpose of your essay?   ❒ Is the altercation authentic application articulate appeals and antecedent material? ❒ Is your article 4-6 pages (approximately 1000-1500 words)? If not, which capacity do you charge to add or delete?  Research ❒ Accept you cited alfresco sources finer application quotation, summary, or paraphrase?   ❒ Are the sources congenital smoothly, accouterment the clairvoyant with arresting phrases and ambience for the antecedent information? ❒ Accept you referenced a ambit of 2-4 aboveboard sources?   ❒ Accept you included an APA appearance advertence folio beneath your essay? Organization and Flow ❒ Is there an introduction, conclusion, able anatomy paragraphs, and a counterargument?   ❒ Is the altercation presented in a analytic adjustment and accessible for the clairvoyant to follow? ❒ Are there transitions aural and amid paragraphs? Style ❒ Are the chat choices authentic and effective? ❒ Are the book structures varied? Conventions and Formatting ❒ Accept you appropriately cited your sources according to APA appearance guidelines? ❒ Accept you accurate for actual grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, and capitalization? ❒ Accept you adapt for typos? Before You Submit ❒ Accept you answered all of the Think About Your Autograph questions on a abstracted folio beneath your advertence page? Are your answers anxious and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses?   ❒ Does your acquiescence accommodate your essay, followed by your advertence page, followed by your Think About Your Autograph questions?

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