Argument Synthesis

  Choose two of the claimed essays (PDFs) we accept discussed in chic to synthesize into an altercation of your choosing. To SYNTHESIZE agency to accumulate genitalia into a new whole. The genitalia are the altered sources, anniversary apery a audible appearance or angle on a  particular topic. The “whole” is your article in which you explain your position, because angle from the sources that appearance both (or multiple) abandon of the issue. Your position charge be astute and arguable. In your essay, suppo rt  your apriorism with affirmation from the argument and from 3 bookish added assay sources. You charge adduce and advertence 3 library-based, peer-reviewed assay sources for this project. Use Academic Onesearch, JSTOR, or addition database through our library chase action ( to an alien site.). Do not stop analytic already you accept begin three assay sources; acquisition the best adapted sources for the assignment. You may use added high-quality sources already that minimum is met. You can accept that your classmates accept apprehend the abstract you are autograph about; however, you cannot accept that your classmates accept advised the texts or concepts in the aforementioned way you have. 1,750-word minimum requirement MLA Style (Works Cited Needed) (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.   Argument Synthesis    Argument Synthesis    Criteria Ratings        Pts              This archetype is affiliated to a Learning Outcome  Content Strength of analysis,  examples, and affirmation = 50% 100.0 pts          This archetype is affiliated to a Learning Outcome  Clarity and Alignment Clarity, organization, and conciseness of autograph = 35%  75.0 pts          This archetype is affiliated to a Learning Outcome  Mechanics Grammar and Mechanics (including MLA format): 15%  25.0 pts     Total Points:                            200.0       

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