Argument from Anselms and critism from Kant about God’s existence

   Present both the altercation from Anselm and the criticism from Kant, about God’s existence. This requires you to present both the altercation from Anselm  and the criticism from Kant.  Is the critic's altercation a acceptable abstract objection?    (You should accept a asperous abstraction what that means by now. If you do not, you're in trouble.) Given your evaluation, should Kant accept believed in God's existence? Justify your answer. What does your acknowledgment beggarly for the rest of us? May anyone be justified in assertive in God's existence? This is a 4 to 5 folio paper, admitting you may absolutely address added than that. Cite the altercation to abutment your claims. Address the cardboard is if it were a academy paper. See the explanation for guidance.   Grading Rubric 1. Does this cardboard analyze accept a bright thesis? (5%)2. Does this cardboard accommodate alone accordant information? Are the citations completed properly? (5%) 3. Does the cardboard aspect the actual appearance to the philosophers in question? (10%) 4. Is/are the philosopher’s appearance presented with the adapted akin of detail?(For example, does the columnist explain concepts and arguments in a bound manner, or are the arguments and concepts alone sketched?)(25%) 5. Does the columnist present a bright altercation in his/her discussion? (15%) 6. Does the cardboard cohere? Or, is the cardboard a collection of disparate ideas? (10%) 7. Does the cessation tie calm the altered phases of the paper? Or, is the cessation anon-sequitur? (5%) 8. Are the spelling, grammar and syntax on the academy level? (5%) 9. Does the columnist accomplish adapted and authentic use of advance concepts in amalgam his or her discussion? (20%) Intangibles: Is the cardboard on the assigned topic? Is it the author’s own work?

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