Argument Essay Topic( Does Religion Cause War?)

Purpose: The purpose for this appointment will depend on your advised stakeholder. It will best acceptable abatement into one of the afterward accepted categories—the aims of argument: • To argue ambivalent stakeholders to acquire your apriorism • To accomplish opposing stakeholders beneath aggressive to your apriorism • To argue stakeholder who accede with you to booty action  Audience: Your admirers is a specific stakeholder of your best who has an absorption in this issue. Not alone does your stakeholder accept a vested absorption in the issue, s/he additionally has several expectations of you as an author. To begin, the stakeholder expects that the altercation is well-researched and that the altercation is accurate with affidavit and evidence. S/he is additionally an academic, and accordingly expects to acquisition an bookish argument; this agency that you use abounding citations for all sources used, your autograph is bright and concrete, well-structured, and organized logically.  Author: Present yourself as a knowledgeable, fair-minded, aboveboard and, as appropriate, compassionate person. You do not charge to be an able on your affair to address an argument, but you do charge to accept aplomb in what you do apperceive and accept about it. Show that you access the affair with enthusiasm, bookish curiosity, and an accessible mind.  Argument Strategies and Requirements: Rely on admirers appeals: logos (appeal to reason), appearance (appeal to character), and desolation (appeal to emotion). Accommodate a minimum of six relevant, reliable, and contempo sources. One of these should be an interview. One of these should be scholarly. You may accommodate one article from 50 Essays if you like.  Paper Length & Style: MLA heading. About 1,200-1,800 words, additional a Works Cited folio (approximately 6-8 pages, PLUS Works Cited, double-spaced, 12-point times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.)

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