Argument composition

Two Words Assignment – Altercation CompositionInstructions: You will address a 3-5 branch agreement (essay) that will avert your position on who is the absolute victim in the adventure “Two Words” by Isabel Allende – Belisa or The Colonel.Write your agreement on a Google Doc, or at the end of these Instructions - you will acquisition an Article outline at the end of the instructions to advice you.In your composition, you will need:A account of your position and three affidavit to abutment it which can be accurate with affirmation from the text.At atomic one allotment of altercation affirmation for anniversary of your affidavit (direct quotations or affirmation based on situations and accomplishments in the text)A altercation of why the alternative affirmation (the one you chose NOT to defend) is amiss with one allotment of altercation evidenceAn addition and a cessation which altercate the analogue of what a victim is and why this abstraction is important to bodies and/or society.Your final assignment charge be in English, typed, by May 1Example of a claim:The Colonel is the accurate victim because he is a victim of love.Example of reasons:He is a victim of adulation because he doesn’t apperceive adulation so he isn’t prepared; he has consistently capital love; and he cannot escape Belisa’s influence. OR:Example of a claim:Belisa is the accurate victim because she is a victim of love.Example of reasons:She is a victim of adulation because she has been taken by force but she still feels accord for the Colonel; She is a victim of adulation because alike afterwards actuality taken by force, she is accommodating to advice him booty over the country with the accent she writes and helps him learn; she is a victim of adulation because she is cat-and-mouse for him.please i charge to get a altercation affirmation from the adventure to abutment my altercation

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