Arguing for Drug Testing Policy

This announcement is in acknowledgment to your contempo e-mail in commendations to accidental biologic testing. I accept that implementing this action would be acutely benign to our aggregation as a whole. This is for the afterward reasons: banking savings, abode safety, and to advance our reputation. Banking Accumulation It is important that we strive to advance a safe and able assignment ambiance for every distinct one of our employees. It is estimated that abode accidents accompanying to drugs accept costs administration in the United States $75 to 100 billion dollars per year. Those who corruption are additionally six times added acceptable to book worker's advantage affirmation and use 16 times the bulk of bloom allowances as their adolescent advisers who do not use drugs. (http://www. employmentdrugtesting. com/screening. html_) Not ensuring that our advisers are drug-free could end up costing our aggregation a abundant accord of money in the continued run if an agent beneath the access injures themself or nother agent while on the Job actuality at Life Support, Inc. One ability altercate that implementing this drug-testing action would actually amount our aggregation added money due to the amount of the biologic tests. However, the amount of a biologic analysis cannot analyze to the college amount of worker's advantage or lawsuits to this aggregation that could potentially action due to an agent beneath the access while on the Job. Spending money on these biologic tests is a bactericide admeasurement to accumulate our aggregation from spending added money in the continued run. Abode Assurance It is actually basic that Life Support, Inc. rovides an ambiance in which our advisers appear to assignment alive that we amount their safety. The facts and abstracts mentioned aloft advance that advisers beneath the access of drugs are acutely acceptable to account and aftermath accidents in the workplace. The biologic users are not the alone ones at risk. Advisers beneath the access of drugs are acutely not assuming to the best of their ability; their broken accompaniment can account them to accomplish absent-minded mistakes or exercise poor Judgment that they commonly would not if they were in a ober accompaniment of mind. This can account abrasion not alone to them, but their adolescent co- workers. By "weeding out" the advisers who accept to use drugs, we will be accouterment a safer abode for our workers and additionally appearance them that we absolutely amount their safety. Advance Acceptability It is important for Life Support, Inc. to advance a acclaimed image. By not tolerating biologic corruption by our advisers we present ourselves as a aggregation that absolutely cares about their bodies and additionally the affection of their products. Our articles will abide o be fabricated of categorical affection and be captivated to the accomplished standards in the industry. Our audience and those who use our articles will apperceive that Life Support, Inc. is a name to be trusted. This affectionate of affection and standards will abate any accessible accountability for any adulterated equipment. I appetite you to accede the abeyant savings, abode safety, and our acceptability as you abide to accomplish your accommodation in commendations to this matter. As always, amuse feel chargeless to acquaintance me if I can be of any alternative abetment to you.

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